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No matter where your business operates, it’s likely harder than ever to find and hire the skilled people your business needs to thrive thanks to rapid workforce transformation. The post-COVID business environment has brought an unprecedented talent demand-supply gap that requires strategic management. The rise in vacancies and the Great Resignation are placing pressure on wages and benefits more than ever. And, according to McKinsey, 44% of organizations are expecting a skills gap in the next 5 years. 

Human capital leaders know it’s time to develop new strategies for finding and retaining high-demand skills. These include technological and digital skills such as data analytics, AI, cloud computing and robotics, not to mention recruiters. You can’t let talent scarcity put your organization’s recovery and growth at risk, both short- and long-term. 

How can you build the ultimate future-proof workforce? Is your strategy providing a sustainable and resilient talent acquisition model? Explore the resources below for actionable data, critical questions and additional resources that can help you take talent scarcity head-on.

workforce agility.

3 questions you should ask.

Attracting and hiring the right talent is critical to business success. A strong and resilient brand presence can impact whether quality talent will join your company or work for your competitors.

attract & retain the right people.

3 questions you should ask.

Every point of interaction your company has with potential employees will shape their perception of your brand. Understanding how your brand is viewed at all points of the recruitment process — from both prospective and current employees — will give you an advantage in hiring the best talent.

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