get ahead of the rising expectations of talent.

Does your brand stand out, or are you among the 76% of employers that say talent scarcity is a top concern this year? Access the latest 2019 Talent Trends data on what drives talent attraction and employee engagement. And learn 6 ways to deliver a stand-out talent experience, so you don’t fall behind.

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6 steps to understand and get ahead of talent expectations.

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be talent-centric, like Cisco.

How does this revered technology brand stay ahead in an industry where brilliant minds innovate daily, and talent is the key differentiator among competitors? Learn how Cisco senior global talent leader Kelly Jones uses talent analytics, listening tools and talent communities to help drive an employee-led culture. Find out how the company nurtures talent continuously to build a pipeline that’s ready to meet planned and unanticipated business needs.

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the pressure is on you.

83% of talent leaders say their companies want more from their talent, and 61% of working professionals say their expectations of employers are rising. How will you attract and win the exceptional people your hiring managers demand?

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what talent wants.

The top factor that working professionals care about most when considering an employer is attractive salary and benefits. Yet, just 19% of talent leaders believe this is important to talent, falling behind 13 other factors. What misconceptions do you have about what drives talent?

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are candidates missing your messages?

Talent leaders and working professionals agree: a company’s careers site is a critical channel for learning about the company. But the rest of employers’ top-priority list is off-base.

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test your talent experience fitness level.

Do you truly know how to attract talent, build engagement, create satisfaction and deliver value to the organization? Here’s your chance to find out. Answer a few questions to learn if your company is already providing a strong talent experience, or if you need to rethink your strategies to avoid losing great talent to the competition.

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about Talent Trends

Randstad Sourceright's Talent Trends research is designed to help you understand the top talent acquisition and workplace trends facing talent leaders everywhere, hone your expertise and guide your organization on its journey toward success. Our 2019 research is based on survey responses from more than 800 C-suite and human capital leaders in 17 markets around the world. This year, our research also includes insights from more than 1,700 working professionals on the issues and experiences that matter most to talent.

The Q2 2019 issue of Talent Trends Quarterly, “get ahead of the rising expectations of talent,” shares a deep look at what working professionals find attractive in a potential employer, how they want to interact with technology, how they feel about workplace diversity and more.

Download your copy today for the latest data, market insights and tips from the pros that will help you attract, engage and retain the people who will deliver a true competitive advantage for your organization.

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