unleash your total workforce.

The competition is fierce. Talent scarcity is high. Your business is always moving, and it’s your job to deliver the skills that will help your company achieve its business strategy. Get the insights you need to be bold, advise your C-suite and unleash the total workforce with this year’s top 10 trends in HR.

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a sneak peek at 2019’s talent trends.

Do you have the technology and intelligence you need to make a lasting business impact? What talent strategies are your peers implementing? How are they using talent analytics, HR tech and talent communities to reach their recruitment goals and improve the talent experience?

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what are 2019's top 10 talent trends?

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the 2019 total talent indices.

Our Talent Trends research finds that employers around the globe want to adopt a total talent management model this year. But some markets are more eager — and ready — than others due to to critical talent scarcity concerns.

In which countries are employers boldly evolving their strategies to future-proof their workforces? Get your 2019 Talent Trends Report to find out. You may be surprised by the results!

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get in it to win it

What are your peers, competitors and talent saying about robots, AI, total talent strategies, diversity and inclusion? Test your knowledge while exploring some of 2019’s top workforce trends below.


the 2019 global business outlook.

Which markets are looking at the year ahead with optimism? Check out our 2019 Business Health Index to find out. Based on four key measures — business growth, hiring levels, the political environment and future growth expectations — the index shows which countries are most positive about potential business performance in the year ahead.

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are you ready to unleash the total workforce?

You know you need a more holistic talent strategy in 2019 to meet demand for skills. But is your organization ready for a total talent approach? Take the Step>Edge>Ahead talent strategy quick test to find out if you’ve got the right building blocks in place, or if you need to add fundamental elements before you move ahead.

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about Talent Trends

Randstad Sourceright's Talent Trends research is designed to help you understand the issues facing talent leaders everywhere, hone your expertise and guide your organization on its journey toward success. Our 2019 research is based on survey responses from more than 800 C-suite and human capital leaders in 17 countries around the world. This year, our research also includes insights from more than 1,700 working professionals on the issues and experiences that matter most to talent.

The 2019 Talent Trends Report, “the talent navigator: unleash your total workforce to win a competitive advantage,” calls out this year’s top 10 human resources trends, based on survey results. It will give you the intelligence you need to lead your company through growing market complexities with a strong, but flexible talent strategy.

Download your copy today for the latest data, critical questions, practical examples and actionable tips that will help you achieve true business agility and a competitive advantage.

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