Randstad Sourceright talent acquisition trends 2020

talent trends, COVID-19 & the future of work.

If there was ever a moment in recent history where human capital leaders were challenged to play a strategic role in their organization’s survival and growth, that defining moment is now. Follow these six HR trends to help build an agile organization that drives new ways of working.

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drive business agility and new ways of working.

Even before the global coronavirus pandemic broke, talent leaders around the world were concerned their companies would not be prepared for economic uncertainty in 2020. According to our survey of more than 800 human capital and C-suite leaders around the world, just 31% said their companies were prepared to adapt. 

If your company was caught off guard when COVID-19 caused lockdowns, safety crises and economic challenges, you’re not alone. But some companies have been able to thrive. They’ve adapted their business plans, upskilled their workforces and used new technologies in innovative ways to keep their talent and clients engaged. 

What can we learn from those successes? How can you build an agile organization to ensure it survives the next big surprise? Get your report for six Talent Trends that will help you lead your company’s corporate response and develop new ways of working.

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Randstad Sourceright talent analytics

81% say talent analytics are critical.

One of the most important exercises you are likely conducting is following data. Do you have the internal and market intelligence you need to plan your workforce for the months ahead? How can talent analytics help you address skills gaps that have emerged?

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Randstad Sourceright business continuity and digital transformation

how will your business continue to transform?

You’ve empowered a remote workforce with tech. You’ve recruited and onboarded new people without ever meeting them in person. You’ve found compelling ways to keep your employees informed and engaged. How will your digital transformation continue as you recover from the cultural and economic impacts of coronavirus?

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Randstad Sourceright employer branding in times of crisis

are you protecting your employer brand?

Human capital leaders believe strong company values, communication and career development, and employee wellness and engagement programs are the top three non-compensation factors that support employer brand. What strategies are your peers using right now to attract and retain great talent?

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how is COVID-19 impacting the labor market?

For which roles are your competitors still recruiting? Where do you face sustained recruitment competition, and where are there opportunities to more easily engage skilled professionals? Check out this data from the Randstad Intelligence team to understand how common job families and the labor market have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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[webcast] talent trends in action at Cisco.

Remember when talent scarcity and the skills gap dominated your attention? Today, you’re working to address very different pressing needs, such as operating safely, upskilling in a hurry, preparing for new waves of the virus and informing and responding to your company’s recovery plan. Watch this webcast to hear how Cisco is adapting its workforce strategy to stay ahead of these changing business demands.

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Randstad Sourceright agile workforce planning

are you ready to build an agile workforce?

You know that adopting integrated talent strategies will give your company the agility it needs to thrive in any market condition. But do you have the right elements in place to set your total talent model up for success? Answer a few simple questions to find out if your organization is ready to move forward right now, or what steps you can take to build the foundation you need.

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Looking for more tips that will help your business move forward with new ways of working?

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about Talent Trends

Randstad Sourceright's Talent Trends research is designed to help you understand the top talent acquisition and workplace trends facing talent leaders everywhere, hone your expertise and guide your organization, especially through times of uncertainty. Our 2020 survey was conducted at the end of 2019, just before the coronavirus pandemic broke, and includes responses from more than 800 C-suite and human capital leaders across 17 markets around the world. 

The latest research, “Talent Trends COVID-19 & the future of work,” calls out six talent acquisition and HR trends that emerged at the start of 2020 based on survey results, and that are now more critical than ever in the wake of the pandemic. It will give you the intelligence you need to continue driving digital transformation, leverage talent analytics, protect your employer brand, and develop successful upskilling and reskilling strategies.

Download your copy today for the latest data, critical questions and practical examples that will help you lead your company to the future of work.

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