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According to our 2021 Talent Trends research, more than half of employers in Poland say the talent and candidate experience are now more important than ever, and 44% are planning to invest in technology to improve it this year. It’s no surprise why.  

Poland continues to be a star economic performer in the Eurozone, but employers face a growing skills gap in the near future. In fact, 53% say they continue to experience talent scarcity when it comes to digital skills, despite the global pandemic. How will you deliver the talent your business needs?

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76% of surveyed Polish employers are planning to implement a total talent management model this year, and 72% say their talent strategies are not more focused on workforce agility than ever before.

If you’re going to build an agile workforce, you simply can’t manage it in silos. When you take a holistic view of your workforce and the talent that’s available to get work done right now, you not only gain a competitive recruiting advantage, but a competitive business advantage. 

With the right talent analytics infrastructure, change management strategy and a collaborative mindset in place, total talent management delivers measurable value to your business today and prepares you for the future of work. Find out whether your company is ready to start your journey now, or what steps will put you on the path toward total talent readiness.

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