it’s time to rethink talent acquisition.

The pace of change is moving quickly: from the new labor law reforms, to the disruption of the pandemic, your business needs to rethink recruitment to stay ahead. New challenges demand new thinking. That’s why, according to our Talent Trends research, 82% of companies in Mexico are looking to innovation to help their talent teams focus on business-critical activities.

What does the new labor reform abolishing outsourcing of personnel mean to your business? How will you get the skilled talent you need quickly? Are you missing an opportunity to create stronger workforce planning with talent analytics?

Randstad Sourceright delivers the talent acquisition strategies, recruitment technologies and talent marketing expertise and market intelligence you need to give your business a competitive edge.

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recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

find and engage the right talent faster

What are the most challenging parts of your job related to talent? Talent marketing and attracting top performers to your organization? Shortening the hiring cycle with the help of advanced recruiting tech? Bringing more permanent staff into your business? Or meeting workforce diversity goals?

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) helps you source, screen, engage, hire and onboard the right people while building business agility and reducing costs. An RPO strategy uses the latest analytics, innovative sourcing strategies, proven technologies, precise talent marketing and employer branding to meet your hiring goals, while delivering efficiencies and cost savings.

what is RPO in recruitment?

Recruitment process outsourcing can support part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring. Whether you’re seeking specialized recruitment expertise — such as improving the candidate experience in recruitment — or need to transform your entire talent acquisition function, the benefits of outsourcing recruitment include process excellence, scalability, cost savings, talent tech innovation and access to predictive analytics.

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how does recruitment process outsourcing work?

Your RPO solution will be customized to directly address your company’s goals, requirements, market and recruiting challenges. Partner with Randstad Sourceright, one of the top recruitment process outsourcing companies globally, to access a global network of experts, specialists in strategic sourcing and recruiting, workplace diversity and inclusion, and advanced talent analytics. Our team works directly with yours to set innovative recruitment strategies that align with your business goals and will help you overcome barriers such as talent scarcity.

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what does an RPO solution cost?

Recruitment process outsourcing pricing varies depending on the scope, hiring volume and project details. To better understand your potential ROI, we’ve built a business calculator. Just answer a few questions to start building your business case.

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case study

biopharmaceutical leader reduces time to fill by 24 days when recruiting STEM talent.

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diversity & inclusion.

recruit a workforce that mirrors your markets

In our Talent Trends survey, 76% of employers in Mexico say it’s either extremely or very important to have a robust diversity and inclusion strategy to attract and retain talent. Are you ready to better define your organization’s workplace diversity goals and develop a comprehensive strategy? 

Randstad Sourceright will help you create a statement of purpose around diversity and inclusion, enhance your employer brand to promote your diversity profile, and access the talent analytics and market insights you need to be successful as you source and develop diverse talent pools.


how BASF uses talent data to meet diversity & inclusion goals.

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employer branding.

talent marketing strategies that attract the right people

How do you create an employer brand that stands out? What messages will you share about your organization that talent will notice and remember? Well-crafted employee branding talks directly to the talent you want to attract. It should be unique, memorable and connect emotionally.

Our in-house talent marketing team directly serves our clients and recruiters with advanced solutions. Depending on the level of support your business needs, our services range from full employee value proposition (EVP) research and development, employer branding strategies, programmatic advertising and quickly deployed recruitment marketing campaigns.

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talent analytics.

drive smarter decision-making with data

Does your business need to learn more about where to find talent? Are you facing recruitment competition?  Do you want to create a more diverse workforce? Predictive analytics in recruitment give you the data you need to make informed decisions and build measurable, meaningful insights that connect your talent strategy to organizational growth goals.  

In our Talent Trends survey, 84% of employers in Mexico say talent analytics play a critical role in sourcing, attracting, engaging and retaining talent. Added to this, 86% are either maintaining or increasing their spend on predictive talent analytics this year. Randstad Sourceright can help you leverage your talent data to build insights and inform your talent acquisition strategy.


Forbes: using data to shape post-COVID hiring.


managed services programs (MSP).

maximize the benefits of a flexible workforce

If your talent strategies are more focused on workforce agility than ever before, you may also be planning to shift more roles to contingent this year. But without a centralized approach to contingent workforce management, how will you control the costs, compliance risks and speed of hire?

A managed services program (MSP) gives you full visibility over your contingent workforce. Using talent analytics, supplier rationalization, market intelligence and MSP 4.0 strategies, like direct sourcing, MSP can deliver faster access to skilled professionals while helping your organization gain greater agility.

what is MSP staffing?

Am MSP for staffing is a highly effective way for companies to manage their contingent workforces. Using a vendor management system (VMS) and proven best practices, you get complete visibility of your contingent talent, while driving compliance with labor regulations.

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how do MSP programs work?

Your managed service provider acts as an integral part of your company’s talent function and manages the entire contingent talent life cycle, from requisition through invoicing and payment.

As your MSP provider, Randstad Sourceright delivers the talent, market and program intelligence you need to make smart workforce decisions. We help you attract, engage and re-engage skilled contingent professionals, and build relationships with talent suppliers to get you the best rates and talent quality.

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what are the costs of MSP?

Discover your potential ROI with a managed services program. Spend a few minutes with our MSP calculator to begin building your business case.

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case study

life sciences company gains visibility over its contingent workforce, resulting in $800,000 in savings.

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