talent management in Brazil.

talent acquisition solutions in Brazil.

A growing skills gap, competition for digital skills, and meeting workplace diversity goals may complicate your role as a human capital leader. How will you ensure access to the best talent for your business?

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attracting talent in a competitive market

Human capital is your company’s competitive advantage: it’s what helps your business to grow, sell and expand its services. That’s why, according to our Talent Trends research, 90% of employers in Brazil say that talent acquisition is one of their business leaders’ top priorities.

But, according to Randstad’s Workmonitor survey, 61% of leaders in Brazil say they will have difficulty attracting talent in the future. As the skills gap widens, how will you source, hire and retain the people your company needs to thrive today and in the future?


diversity recruitment best practices you can count on.

Did you know that 94% of employers in Brazil agree that a robust workplace diversity and inclusion strategy is important to talent attraction and retention? We can help your organization better define its workplace diversity goals and develop a comprehensive strategy. That includes everything from creating a statement of purpose around diversity and inclusion, to enhancing your employer brand to promote your diversity profile, to helping you source and develop talent pools through diversity recruitment best practices.

Read our white paper to learn more about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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recruitment case study

sourcing multilingual talent in Brazil.

Finding quality talent is difficult enough in a competitive labor market. But requiring that candidates speak three languages to support the Latin American region might be three times as challenging. Find out how this global chemical manufacturer sourced the right talent and minimized turnover, while also meeting diversity hiring goals.

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video series

how HR tech is changing talent acquisition.

How is HR technology helping talent professionals build stronger relationships with hiring managers and talent? Our CEO, Rebecca Henderson explains how AI is transforming the role of recruiter and optimizing the way companies engage with the people who will move their business forward.

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insource or outsource?

the pros and cons of RPO and MSP.

Higher talent expectations, demand for digital skills, a focus on freelancers and independent contractors, and an always-growing HR technology landscape are adding complexity to the way companies source and hire people. Should you use internal resources to deliver talent, or do you outsource to an expert in the field?

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RPO in 2 minutes.

What are the most challenging parts of your job related to talent acquisition? Attracting top performers to your organization? Understanding how to use HR data and talent analytics to make better decisions? Or perhaps meeting workplace diversity hiring goals?

Whether you need to support growth, build your workforce to launch a new service, centralize your processes or improve the talent experience, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) gives you greater access to the talent you need faster. Watch to learn more.

RPO for HR in Brazil

  • what are the benefits of outsourcing recruitment and selection processes?

    RPO can support part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring through a comprehensive set of external recruitment resources.

    Whether you’re seeking specialized expertise or need to transform your entire talent acquisition function, RPO can offer process excellence, scalability, cost savings, talent tech, AI and predictive analytics.

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  • how do RPO solutions work?

    Your RPO solution will be customized with a specific scope and set of services that directly address your company’s goals, requirements, market and recruiting challenges. When you partner with Randstad Sourceright, you get access to our team of experienced talent advisors who have deep local expertise.

    A global network of recruitment specialists deliver best practices and innovation around strategic sourcing and talent attraction, employer branding and candidate experience, diversity hiring, AI and advanced talent analytics, and more.

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  • what does RPO cost?

    RPO pricing can vary based on your model, the scope, hiring volume and project details. To better understand your potential ROI, we’ve built a business calculator. Just answer a few questions to start building your business case.

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  • case study: RPO in action.

    One of the world's premier brands in athletic apparel needed a more effective and efficient way to recruit talent for its 30 retail locations in Brazil. Find out how the employer sources, hires and retains skilled talent during seasonal hiring spikes, while achieving 100% satisfaction rates among hiring managers.

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MSP in 2 minutes.

If contingent talent, contractors and freelancers aren’t already a part of your workforce, you need to rethink your talent strategy now. Many (68%) of working professionals in Brazil are more open to non-traditional work arrangements than in the past. The alternative workforce is growing and can instantly widen your talent pool in a challenging market.

Your competitors are looking for ways to gain greater business agility, and the growing contingent workforce can deliver an advantage. Watch to learn how a managed services program (MSP) can help you navigate the complexities of compliance, cost and talent quality to deliver better access to skills and drive business growth.

contingent workforce solutions in Brazil

  • what is MSP for staffing?

    A managed services program is a highly effective way for employers to manage their contingent workforces. Using proven best practices, innovation and a vendor management system (VMS), we give you complete visibility into your contingent workers and can help you stay compliant with labor regulations.

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  • how does MSP work?

    Your managed service provider (MSP) acts as an integral part of your company’s talent function and manages the entire contingent talent life cycle, from requisition through invoicing and payment. As your MSP, we deliver the talent, market and program data you need to make smart workforce decisions. We help you attract, engage and re-engage skilled contingent workers, and build relationships with talent suppliers to get you the best rates and talent quality.

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  • what are the costs of MSP?

    Discover your potential ROI with a managed services program. Spend a few minutes with our MSP calculator to begin building your business case.

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build for the future of work with total talent management

If you’re going to beat talent scarcity and widen your talent pool, you simply can’t manage your workforce in silos. Get work done right now to not only gain a competitive recruiting advantage, but a competitive business advantage. When you integrate permanent recruitment with contingent workforce solutions under a single function, you can realize the full potential of your workforce through total talent management.

Eighty-six percent (86%) of employers in Brazil say they plan to adopt total talent management, and, of those who already have, 95% are satisfied with the results. Randstad Sourceright can help you build for the future, improve strategic planning, and gain a 360-degree view of all of your work arrangements: permanent, temp, contractor, statement of work (SOW), independent and freelancer.

With the right talent analytics infrastructure, change management strategy and a collaborative mindset in place, this total talent approach delivers measurable value to your business and helps you build for the future. Find out whether your company is ready to move forward now, or what steps will put you on the path toward total talent readiness.

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