Talent Trends Quarterly | Q3 2017

The insights you need to understand how technology and human intelligence
work together to propel your talent strategy beyond the limits. 

is technology fueling results or weighing you down?

With technology evolving at the speed of light, how effectively is your organization adapting? Are you gaining momentum toward company goals, or traveling aimlessly, without a clear course? You may feel like you're winning and failing to keep up at the same time, and it's no wonder why.

The blaze of HR technology continues to burn brighter, innovation grows increasingly critical to talent attraction, and AI and robotics are set to drastically impact the future workplace. It's a complex challenge to solve for: how should humans and technology work together to deliver the greatest benefit? Our Q3 2017 Talent Trends research offers insight to help you better understand how your peers are addressing this question at their organizations. 

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Today's technological revolution isn't affecting all industries in the same way. Find out which sectors are reaching new heights through innovation, and which are slow to adopt these tools.

Where are Life Sciences & Healthcare employers investing? Which industries are adopting automation and robotics most rapidly? Is the Banking & Financial Services industry keeping up with talent innovation? The Talent Trends Quarterly Q3 2017 Report includes insight on the challenges employers in your industry are facing and how they're investing to stand out and get ahead.

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Access research, blogs, infographics and more from our earlier Talent Trends reports. Download any of our global research, sector fact sheets, or country fact sheets to get insights on:

  • business confidence and hiring
  • the digitalization of HR, automation and flexible talent
  • talent innovation and technology
  • employer branding and candidate experience
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