Talent Trends Quarterly | Q2 2017

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how well are you aligned with your C-suite?

With the pace of change shaping our world of work every day, leading your organization to success depends on how you best leverage innovation and how well your talent strategy aligns with executive vision.

Based on Randstad Sourceright's latest Talent Trends survey, there are, however, important differences in the way executives view talent strategy. For instance, 49% of C-suite leaders see integrated talent as a way to build for the future, whereas only 25% of human capital leaders agree.

Our CEO, Rebecca Henderson, shares highlights from the research to help you start bridging the gaps.

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In which technologies are life sciences & healthcare employers investing? Which industries are adopting automation and robotics most rapidly? Is the banking & financial services industry keeping up with talent innovation? The Talent Trends Quarterly sector fact sheets provide insight on the challenges employers in your industry are facing and how they're investing to stand out and get ahead. 

fast facts by sector

  • The IT & technology (31%) and automotive & manufacturing (32%) industries are highly concerned around baby boomers retiring. This pain point is not among the top three for other sectors.
  • Banking & financial services (41%) and the consumer goods (54%) sectors are taking the lead in adopting automation and robotics.
  • When it comes to employer branding investments, the life sciences & healthcare industry believes its lagging. Just 73% say they're paying enough attention, whereas nearly all respondents in other sectors say the same. 
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a year of growth ahead

64% of respondents say they anticipate business growth will rise either slightly or significantly higher in the year ahead; 70% plan to hire extensively in 2017. How are you preparing for growth in the months ahead?

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the rise of the machines

31% say they have increased the use of automation and robotics in the workplace; IT/technology jobs are most affected by this transformation. How is automation impacting your workforce planning?

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defining talent innovation

Employers around the world define "talent innovation" in varying ways. Some say it means uncovering new and more efficient ways of finding talent, while others believe it is the process of introducing new methods to make talent more productive and creative.

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In a world where C-suite leaders know how important talent strategy is to business success, human capital leaders are tasked with being frontline advisors, providing guidance on growth initiatives and taking ownership of business outcomes. But we know you're faced with new uncertainties every day that make this role more and more challenging. With economic factors, the ever-changing technology landscape, dramatically shifting workforce demographics and evolving talent expectations to consider, how can you keep ahead of the game – let alone your competition?

Randstad Sourceright's Talent Trends Quarterly is designed to deliver the insights you need to understand the market, benchmark your company's strategies and make better-informed talent decisions to help positively impact your company's performance.

Explore our Talent Trends topics below to better understand how they are impacting talent strategies and business results. And spend some time reviewing this quarter's special feature for deeper insight on how companies around the world are benefiting from their employer branding and candidate experience initiatives. 

employer branding and candidate experience

50% of C-suite executives believe employer brand has major benefits; just 37% of HR leaders feel the same way.

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After you read the global trends, learn how local factors are creating opportunities for growth, presenting new business challenges and shaping innovative talent strategies. Find out what executives and talent leaders in your country think about employer branding, robots in the workplace, emerging technologies and more. 

fast facts from around the globe

  • In Australia, nearly half of surveyed employers report that 41-50% of their workforce is contingent.
  • Half of the respondents in Brazil cite talent scarcity as their business' biggest pain point. 
  • Most (88%) of the companies surveyed in the United States say that talent acquisition is one of their C-suite's top priorities.
  • 48% of human capital leaders in the U.K. expect talent scarcity for roles in finance and accounting this year.
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