talent marketing & employer branding.

What will talent notice and remember about your organization? Learn how to maintain a strong and attractive employer brand, in an agile and cost-effective way.

protect your employer brand.

Faster hiring times, better cultural fit and lower recruitment costs: these are the immediate gains you can expect to see when you build a strong employer brand. But what will be the longer-term business impact when life and work return to normal? 

Talent won’t forget, nor forgive, your company’s words and actions today. Our talent marketing and employer branding experts know how to quickly deploy the right messages, in line with your employee value proposition (EVP) promises, through the right channels. We’ll support your immediate business needs, while enhancing your brand for tomorrow.

uphold your brand values.

Are you brave enough to develop or protect an authentic employer brand and values? Especially today, in the midst of a worldwide crisis. How will you build a recruitment marketing and advertising strategy that captures your true essence? 

How can you keep your values at the forefront when delivering messages that may not be pleasant? Our talent marketing and employer branding team is here to support and advise you. During the COVID-19 crisis, we will be opening a Friday afternoon “talk to us” line just to answer your questions and provide you, if needed, with a few tips and tricks to support your work. contact us for details

2020 employer brand research

The 2020 Randstad Employer Brand research, a global survey of 185,000 respondents in 33 markets is now available. Get your copy to learn what attracts workers in a COVID-19 world, what attributes they value the most and what makes them stay.

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Attracting and Engaging Candidates

know what talent values.

Where is your target talent located? Who do they work for? What job titles and compensation will attract them? What do they expect from an employer? 

Our global team of talent marketing experts use market data and experience to drive the immediate and long-term impact of your recruitment strategies.

learn how to make your employer brand stand out.

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drive talent attraction with your EVP.

dare to be yourself.
Your employer brand should be unique, well-crafted and connect emotionally. As is true for your corporate brand, your talent brand needs to cut through the noise, past the crowded repetition of the same words, same messages and same images across all platforms.

start with employer brand, end with business impact.
Talent will not listen to what you say unless it is consistent, authentic and engaging. You need to walk the walk. And now, during the COVID-19 crisis, talent and consumers will notice — and remember — how you treat your people.  

Your employer brand has to evidence your employee value proposition (EVP), your identity, your culture, your DNA; what makes you you. It is the promise you make to your employees, candidates and contractors: the people who will deliver value and drive client retention. It’s as simple as that.

a built-in talent marketing agency.
While the goal is simple, execution can be complex. How do you uncover those authentic messages about your organization? How do you best determine the ways in which you’ll communicate your brand with talent?

Using integrated employer branding and talent marketing methodologies that work within any of our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed services programs (MSP) or total talent management staffing solutions, Randstad Sourceright will help you find, engage and attract the best talent for your organization.

Our in-house team directly serves Randstad clients and recruiters with advanced talent marketing solutions. Depending on the level of support your business needs, our services range from full EVP research and development, employer branding strategies and quickly deployed recruitment marketing campaigns.  

ready to protect your employer brand?

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employer branding & talent attraction services.

  • research: discover your talent

    Do you know where your talent is located across the globe? Have you identified your target audience, segmented by job families and capabilities? Do you know where to find good candidates and how to reach them?

    Our research team can map your potential candidates across all geographies giving you unparalleled advantages: you gain insights about compensation, supply and demand, locations and competition. We always strive for validity, combine different sources and tailor our approach to your industry, market and audience segmentation.

  • employer branding: engage your talent

    Once you have identified your target talent, you need to engage them. Our employer branding services include market research,  EVP development, employer brand assessment, online candidate experience optimization, as well as messaging, narrative and creative development. Working from solid, quantifiable information, we help you position your company as a highly desired employer of choice.

  • recruitment and digital marketing: attract your talent

    You know where your talent is, you know what they want, you have an engagement strategy: now, how do you best reach them? Integrated marketing campaigns based on performance, just-in-time interventions and tracking reports connect you to the people your business needs. We integrate various sourcing strategies, channels and media to reach active and passive candidates across the globe, enabled by recruitment marketing technology.

The war for talent is an old fashioned, aggressive and misleading metaphor. This is not a war; there should be no winners, no losers, no casualties. Attracting the right candidates demands care, authenticity, scientific marketing, smart technology and knowledge of people and markets.

Francesca Campalani, head of Global Talent Marketing

our teams

Our teams have decades of experience in talent marketing and employer branding. We come from academic and professional backgrounds in marketing, anthropology, culture, digital and consumer branding. In a sector where many people improvise, we combine art, technology and science to produce and measure unique attraction strategies for our clients across the globe.

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