what is enterprise talent advisory?

With 80% of CEOs believing talent strategy can impact business performance, talent has never been more critical for organizations. People are the reason any organization succeeds. Individuals alone contribute, but real progress happens when people connect, relate, create and express themselves in sync with business imperatives.

From understanding present and future skills, to anticipating people's AI-driven changing behaviors, to creating a long-term yet agile talent ecosystem, your people strategy is your business edge. This is the motivation to progress, to never stand still. We call this your talent edge.

how does enterprise talent advisory work?

Focusing on four key pillars — talent intelligence; talent experience; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); and digital strategy — Randstad Enterprise Talent Advisory audits, reviews and optimizes your talent strategies to ignite the power of your workforce and deliver on business objectives in any market condition. We help you decode the future, today.

Whether you’re seeking a complete review of your current talent infrastructure, want to build a more agile workforce, or are hoping to change the fundamental design of work at your organization for tomorrow, we use a talent-centric lens to ensure your people strategies and business goals align.

We know how to do it because we are you. Our talent advisory leaders have globally designed, built and pioneered the talent industry: from the first potential assessment to the first Relationship Value Proposition to data-driven offshoring decisions; we have designed the future of work in our everyday working life.

you get access to:
talent advisory principles

your talent advisory options.

To help you find your talent edge and see the possibilities in your people, Randstad Sourceright Talent Advisory consulting services offer an independent, outside-in review and analysis of your talent acquisition and retention strategies. With access to global data, decades of experience, a tech-agnostic and multidisciplinary approach, and our own reality-based methodologies, we can help you renew talent acquisition, build your talent strategy blueprint and co-design your future of work.

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Understand opportunities and create a business case for evolving TA through an in-depth review of people, data, processes and technology across all functional areas and business units.

services include:

- maturity matrices
- user experience ratings
- competitor benchmarks
- solution plans
- business case development
- RFP management

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Build an actionable and sustainable talent strategy blueprint that aligns to business strategy and creates opportunities for accelerated organizational performance.

services include:

- actionable talent strategy
- governance frameworks
- measures for success
- executive business cases
- talent and market intelligence

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Lead and influence a partnership to develop and redesign how your organization conducts work. Bring the future closer to today, designed for humanity.

services include:

- scalable models of work that differentiate
- talent-centric work that drives performance
- cross-organizational and skill pods for disruptive thinking

the benefits.

According to our 2023 Talent Trends research, 80% of human capital leaders around the globe say the goal of their talent strategy is to have a measurable impact on business performance. But so many hurdles stand in the way of that important goal: from economic conditions and uncertainty, to skills gaps and rising talent expectations. Inefficient processes hinder progress, while great opportunities are left on the table and good intentions are left unrealized.

Randstad Enterprise Talent Advisory uses an independent lens to help you:

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