comprehensive, tailored payroll services.

As your need for workforce flexibility and agility grows, a customized Randstad Sourceright payroll solution can help you get ahead of any business demands.

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payroll solutions

Our programs deploy resources so that your organization can bring on qualified talent quickly and cost effectively as the need arises. Supported by automated tools and intelligent analytics, you get access to curated and private talent pools, so your business is never slowed by skills scarcity. We manage the entire assignment life cycle, from onboarding to payroll and benefits administration, scheduling, analytics and more. We also consult with your resourcing team to provide market insights and best practices.

why payrolling for you?

In today’s highly competitive business climate, you need an agile workforce that can execute your strategy quickly and efficiently. When peak workforce demand ebbs, you’ll want the flexibility to downsize staff. With a payroll service, we provide a full life cycle management model, from assuming the employer of record for the talent you’ve selected ... to scheduling and payroll... all the way to offboarding at the end of an assignment. We offer a comprehensive solution so you can focus on developing and executing your business.

flexible payroll services for your unique needs.

Receive a specially designed payroll service tailored to your needs. Or let us create an integrated managed services provider (MSP) program that includes management of your payrolled workers. Randstad Sourceright talent advisors can help identify your particular talent needs and recommend a right-sized program for your payrolled workforce. And as your needs potentially grow, we will deliver additional value to ensure you always have the most appropriate solution.

greater insights and compliance.

As the employer of record, Randstad Sourceright’s rigorous management of talent ensures you are always compliant in any payroll engagement. Our solution automates I-9 processing provides a robust self-service portal technology, enables intelligent scheduling and other tasks. As a result, your business is free to focus on strategic worker performance, rather than tactical administration. We make sure talent is fully onboarded and ready to work on the first day of their assignment.

IC risk assessment services.

Working with third-party partners, we can also assess independent contractor (IC) risks to your organization and advise you on compliance best practices.

superior talent experience.

By creating a talent experience that promotes loyalty, we elevate your employer brand and help make you a sought-after employer of choice. This means you’re more likely to be able to redeploy top talent into your organization. It also means you’ll always have a pool of qualified and engaged candidates to draw from. We offer a  host of benefits — including insurance, 401(k) enrollment, disability programs, sick leave and training — to show talent they are valued and to further support talent attraction.

services snapshot

payroll solutions.
rapid and seasonable ramp-up deploymentemployer branding and management of referrals
management of advertising campaigns and candidate screeningrate benchmarking
robust technology toolsemployee onboarding and offboarding
safety and induction programson-site workforce management

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When your company needs talent quickly and compliantly, how can you deliver the resources to execute on business goals without adding extra headcount? Answer these five questions to understand the benefits of payroll services and find out if they're right for your current talent needs.

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