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You know contingent talent is critical to today’s workforce success, but is your organization well-positioned to take on the complexities and challenges associated with a successful flexwork program? Just as important, do you possess domain expertise and governance overview to optimize talent utilization? When your business leaders need greater organizational agility, can you come through with a winning strategy? You can with the help of a next-generation managed services program customized to your company’s unique needs.

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are you future-proofing your workforce?

It’s 2020, and the future is here. We may not have flying cars and jetpacks, but AI, robotics and machine learning have changed the way we live, work and engage talent. Digitalization and automation are creating new opportunities, but is your company ready to capitalize on these changes?

Build a powerful contingent workforce with the help of a next-generation managed services program. MSP 3.0 promises to transform your company into a talent-centric engine that can accelerate your organization toward its business goals.

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Tonight at 8 PM, I will stand at my window, together with a lot of other people to support all medical staff. But this time I will also add applause for our Randstad Sourceright MSP team, because they helped us to manage our contingent staff in an outstanding way. Please thank everybody at Sourceright from us.

Bart Smedts, Head of Procurement Technology at Proximus
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prioritize talent in your contingent workforce strategy

You may already know that there’s a strong business case for using managed services programs (MSP) to enhance contingent workforce performance and manage costs. But did you know, that to realize all the benefits of this model, you must move beyond typical program goals of cost savings, compliance, workforce flexibility and resource transparency? 

A recent survey found that 64% of HR executives surveyed say their company faces a skills gap and that nearly half (47%) plan to address this problem through the use of flexible workers, an increase of 9% from the year before. It’s time to redefine how your business gets work done and how business growth goals are achieved. 

With the skills gap growing, it’s now more difficult than ever to recruit the people you need to drive business outcomes. By embracing a talent-first approach to contingent workforce management, you can ensure access to the highest-quality professionals and deploy them in the most strategic way. 

How will you respond when hiring managers, HR and business leaders are in need of superior talent quickly and cost effectively? How can you deliver value through the use of agile resources?

That’s what Randstad Sourceright delivers every day with our MSP solutions, which are expressly designed with a focus on talent. You get much more than traditional services – talent advisory, supply chain management, technology enablement, workflow design and spend optimization. By embracing a talent-first approach, we advance your mission by attracting, acquiring and retaining the highest-quality professionals.

expert forecasting that keeps you ahead of the curve

We can help you stay strides ahead of the market. By building the world’s largest talent engine, and investing in the most up-to-date labor market data, Randstad Sourceright can quickly locate and acquire the right talent at the right cost in virtually every major market. With our TalentRadar analytics platform, you have one of the most powerful tools for understanding contingent workforce utilization. 

our people are your greatest innovation

As you witness the rise of contingent talent around the world, are you prepared to leverage all the advantages this powerful and agile workforce offers? Can your company redefine work to accelerate business results and shareholder value? 

You can with the support of a forward-thinking MSP partner to help you navigate market uncertainties. With a suite of next-generation technologies and services, backed by the most experienced and forward-thinking talent advisors in the industry, Randstad Sourceright empowers you to realize your most ambitious aspirations. 

technology for every talent life cycle

To further provide access to the best candidates, we utilize technology such as AI-empowered video interviewing, gamification skills assessments and best-in-class recruitment marketing. Together, our technology stack provides all the insights you need to accelerate contingent workforce performance.

With every innovation that reaches the marketplace, Randstad Sourceright will be among the first to deploy them to your program, ensuring you benefit from our pioneering efforts. From the latest toolsets to process improvements to deep subject matter expertise, we strive to create value for your MSP program so you can create value for your business. As one of the most trusted brands in the contingent talent market, the goal of every investment we make is creating a return for your business. 

we don’t just project the future, we build it

This is why analysts such as Everest Research, Staffing Industry Analysts and others recognize Randstad Sourceright as a top managed service provider year after year. You can depend on our unsurpassed breadth of service and expertise. Your program is continuously enhanced through a model supported by global knowledge sharing and proven governance. 

We manage each program with the same goal in mind: create value for your organization. By delivering continuous enhancements through investments in technology, market data, talent analytics and our people, Randstad Sourceright comprehensively works to meet your specific needs. 

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financial services giant expands across Asia.

The company achieved a cost savings of 5% in contingent labor spend and process efficiency, affirming the organization's decision to embrace an MSP as a vehicle for expansion across the Asia Pacific market.

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a total talent approach at Philips.

How can you address the skills gap while optimizing your permanent and contingent workforce? Learn how Philips embraces a holistic approach to talent management to enhance company agility, productivity and output. Get an up-close look during this webinar with Martin Thomas, head of total workforce management at Philips.

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how much are you wasting right now?

Rogue spend, lack of visibility and a low-accountability supply chain add waste and complexity to your contingent workforce management strategy. Use this calculator to understand the potential impact of MSP on your business. Find out how much you could save.

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8 benefits of MSP beyond cost savings.

Did you know that MSP can give you better access to top contingent talent, enhance your brand and deliver meaningful data that can drive decisions? What value can you achieve through your contingent workforce management program? Check out this article to see eight ways MSP can help you make a positive impact on your business.

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