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Are you one of the 77% of human capital leaders who say their talent strategy is now more focused on workforce agility than ever before? You may be planning to shift more of your roles to contingent, project or contract work, but with 56% of employers expecting to do the same, how can you better compete for and attract flexible talent? 

With contingent talent placing more emphasis on flexibility, diversity and inclusion, company values and more, your contingent workforce management strategy can no longer be transactional. You need to boost contingent talent attraction using MSP 4.0 strategies like market intelligence, direct sourcing, talent marketing and managed talent pools. 

Powered by leading-edge technologies and process excellence, Randstad Sourceright managed services programs (MSP) provide a data-driven approach to contingent workforce management. Access the highest-quality flexible resources to enhance performance, manage spend and make an impact on business performance.

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What are the key metrics you track around your contingent workforce program? While typical goals such as cost savings, compliance and resource transparency remain important, you need to build a talent- and value-focused contingent workforce strategy to realize all the benefits of an MSP and drive business value. 

Facing an uncertain road ahead, your organization needs to constantly adapt to changing market conditions. How will you engage and re-engage your contingent talent quickly? How can you deliver value through the use of agile resources?

When you work with Randstad Sourceright on your contingent workforce management, you get much more than traditional services — talent advisory, supply chain management, technology enablement, workflow design and spend optimization. 

use the power of your brand with branded direct sourcing 

Companies have increasingly realized the importance of developing close relationships with the talent they acquire; that’s why 45% of organizations have created a sourcing model for contingent talent. 

Direct sourcing and delivery of contingent talent uses the power of your brand to reduce your supplier spend while enhancing access and quality. You can also gain better visibility into which skill sets are available immediately. 

Find out how you can use branded talent pools, MSP recruitment and other innovative strategies to realize greater cost savings and build more effective direct contingent recruitment relationships.

insight and foresight to keep you ahead of the curve

Data and intelligence are critical to the success of your contingent talent strategy. Backed by the world’s largest talent engine, every MSP program supported by Randstad Sourceright gets access to our proprietary database and our TalentRadar analytics platform. 

From gaining full visibility of your entire contingent workforce to getting insights around talent availability to acquire the right talent at the right cost, our talent analytics capabilities enable you to make smarter decisions about your contingent workforce.

accelerate performance with the proven technologies

Depending on your needs, your robust MSP tech stack may include a VMS system, video interviewing, recruitment chatbots, freelance management tools, talent pooling technology and other innovations. When integrated into your MSP program, we help you transform your contingent talent into a business-driven workforce.

From the latest toolsets to process improvements to deep subject matter expertise, we strive to create value for your MSP program so you can create value for your business. 

drive contingent workforce diversity & inclusion to attract top talent 

If your diversity and inclusion strategies do not cover your contingent workforce, you risk leaving behind a large segment of workers who perform operations for your organization.

Our experts can leverage Randstad Sourceright's extensive corporate diversity resources to provide you with strategic guidance to advance your contingent workforce diversity.


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