managed services programs (MSP).

Today's managed services providers create possibilities for strategic experimentation, while fulfilling immediate workforce needs and building a vital pipeline of talent. The knowledge and expertise of contingent workforce solutions from our talent specialists ensure that you can move far beyond your immediate priorities to deliver the talent you need to drive future success.

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When you partner with us, you have incomparable access to the talent, insights and data needed to build and develop the right MSP model for any business, all powered by the world’s largest talent engine. Your contingent workforce will thrive with our industry-leading analytics platform, continuous process improvements and the most experienced MSP practice leaders in the industry.

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beyond filling gaps.

The role of contingent talent has fundamentally changed. With the rise of freelancers and flexible work, the idea of temporary workers being gap fillers is a thing of the past. They bring scarce skills, a surge of manpower, a pipeline for future hires and the room to experiment on longer-term visions with minimal risk. 


delivering true value.

Today’s fastest growing and most successful companies recognize the value of incorporating managed recruitment solutions as an integral, permanent component of their overall talent development strategies.

what is MSP?

fueling strategic advantage.

Progressive HR leaders understand contingent workers provide more than short-term flexibility; they provide an ongoing fluidity that’s absolutely essential in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. They bring human intelligence on-demand in a way that benefits the organization, permanent workforce and new hires as part of the MSP. 


navigate to success.

Our MSP services create a real strategic advantage for our clients, delivering far beyond supplier management and program administration. We take on the role of talent advisor, helping map strategy and delivering the right talent when and where needed to realize business success.

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integrated MSP for the mid-market.

Are you getting access to the best contingent talent? A high-tech, high-touch talent model can deliver the talent pipeline you need to fill your critical roles quickly.

Our integrated MSP offers dedicated expert program teams, total talent expertise, and best-in-class fulfillment and supply chain practices to deliver an exceptional experience for candidates, hiring managers and suppliers. Configurable VMS technologies and our own proprietary talent analytics platform provide meaningful business intelligence to help you get the talent you need when you need it and achieve sustainable, long-term growth and cost savings. 

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success story.

Facing rising costs and an overwhelmed HR department, this global asset management firm was seeking a more strategic way to manage contingent talent engagement. Read the case study to learn how MSP and HR technology expertise have helped the firm add visibility, minimize compliance risks and save nearly $4M in two years.

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our in-depth approach

Our MSP solutions go far beyond supplier management and program administration.

Every MSP constructed and implemented by Randstad Sourceright is underpinned and supported by proprietary analytics, predictive intelligence and decades of experience managing MSPs for global and local organizations. These always-on talent programs are designed to deliver immediate, positive impact from day one and create long-term, quantifiable business results throughout the entire engagement. The result is an infusion of talent and energy to your organization and potential future employees assessed on the job. Our MSPs look far beyond your immediate needs to deliver the talent you need to be successful in the future.   

We take on the role of talent advisor, helping map strategy to market realities and delivering the talent needed when and where necessary to realize your strategies. We have the experience and vision to set direction, and the capabilities and resources to inform smart, data-driven decisions. While we customize each MSP to our specific client’s needs and business objectives, there are some elements that build the foundation of all our programs:

optimized program design. 

We listen to what our clients need, we learn from their and our experiences, and we act to create customized programs for each individual situation. We do not believe in fixed, out-of-the-box solutions; we believe that together we can best define the right solution for long-term strategic benefits and immediate gains.

direct sourcing.

Randstad Sourceright can support your contingent workforce strategy with a deep sourcing capability that helps deliver the talent you need, quickly and effectively. Our talent sourcing practice applies the most innovative capabilities in finding, engaging and securing critical contingent talent others simply cannot reach.

industry and skill-set experience. 

From IT, engineering and healthcare to manufacturing, management, marketing and sales, our workforce management experience extends across all industries and areas of skill.

supplier network. 

Randstad Sourceright’s extensive global supplier network ensures that we can find the talent to suit your needs, across all considerations – role, timing, budget and experience. We are consistently recognized as a supply chain leader by staffing and HR industry analysts around the world, and we put this network into action for our clients on every single engagement.

global capabilities and governance. 

Randstad Sourceright’s governance structure provides the structure and strategy to balance global consistency through to execution with local customization.

risk & compliance. 

Our MSPs are designed to ensure our clients are not exposed to risks or legal challenges due to the increasing presence of flexible talent. We have the expertise and experience to provide both broad and local knowledge and best practices to help clients build robust risk management models. Within all of our programs, we address risk and compliance proactively, and can also advise on corrective actions for prior actions. 

employer brand development. 

Our employer branding specialists are part of every Randstad Sourceright MSP. We help you understand your brand position in the context of your strategic goals and talent targets and define what is needed to create an engaging contingent talent brand and experience. Our role doesn’t stop at strategy – we work on all elements of execution to elevate visibility and resonance of your brand in-market. The end result is greater and ongoing connection with the contingent talent you want to attract and engage in your business. 

predictive talent analytics. 

Our strategic approach to MSP is underpinned by our strength in analytics. Our on-staff team of data scientists work together with our clients to translate their workforce data, along with market content, into forward-looking strategy. The expertise of our team is supported by our proprietary technologies to provide insight into the current situation and foresight to build for future success.

technology infrastructure. 

Our solutions and supporting practices of recruiting strategies, employer branding, and predictive analytics are driven by our proprietary technology stack. We created Talent Velocity to connect all aspects of recruitment marketing, talent engagement, VMS systems, performance measurement and analytics in one state-of-the-art talent intelligence platform. We continue to support the development of our technology stack and future initiatives through the Randstad Innovation Fund, which provides the investment needed to evolve, develop and launch innovations that support the ongoing advancement of human intelligence and talent strategy enablement.

self-sourcing & freelancer management systems. 

The advent of the freelancer management system (FMS) offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve access to the growing flexible workforce. By providing a direct connection to individual freelancers and automating many of the processes associated with managing them, an FMS can help companies expand their talent supply, improve quality of talent and the speed of engagement – ultimately supporting a more agile business strategy. Randstad Sourceright’s talent advisors provide our MSP and integrated talent solutions clients with the support they need to make the most of the FMS value opportunity. 

your MSP playbook.

As the percentage of contingent workers rises globally, employers are challenged with managing this powerful yet complex part of their workforce. Not only are companies relying on more traditional staffing, they are also turning to statement of work (SOW) and freelance contractors to gain business agility. But managing multiple classes of workers effectively requires more resources and expertise, which many organizations simply lack. The MSP Playbook answers some of the biggest questions shaping contingent workforce management today. 

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