are you doing enough to attract contingent talent?

As the world of work rapidly evolves, you’re facing increased pressure to access contingent talent faster while finding cost savings in your existing programs. If your business is like most organizations, you’re relying more heavily on your contingent workforce to achieve business agility, access critical skills more quickly and manage costs.

Managed services programs (MSPs) have historically helped companies reach these contingent workforce objectives, but, the pandemic, increased competition for in-demand skills and growing contingent talent expectations are making it harder to connect with the people you need to get work done. 

That’s why nearly half (45%) of human capital leaders say they’ve already created a sourcing model for their contingent talent. Branded direct sourcing solutions are built to deliver greater cost savings and quicker access to the people their business needs in a world that is constantly changing.

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talent marketing that drives results.

How do you market to, find and attract contingent talent? What are the best practices for building — and nurturing — branded talent pools? How can you build a more equitable experience for diverse contingent talent?

With branded direct sourcing, we combine the power of your employer brand with our robust talent marketing engine to help you source and nurture deep and engaged branded talent pools. 

Our in-house talent marketing experts use employer branding strategies, advanced analytics and programmatic advertising to deploy world-class marketing campaigns that build highly engaged communities for just-in-time access to the most qualified talent. We nurture your growing talent pool to ensure its members are fully engaged with your brand and people, ready to be deployed and redeployed as you need them. Our comprehensive candidate care strategies ensure every touchpoint is a positive one.

get more than a managed talent pool.

Branded direct sourcing doesn’t just focus on staffing and filling requisitions. We get you the best talent in the shortest time and at the lowest cost through a more holistic approach. Based on relationships with your business and hiring managers, and with HR services expertise, we look beyond the job description to find the right talent with the right skill sets at the right time.

Using our proprietary TalentUX technology, data and market intelligence, Randstad Sourceright has a clear view of talent availability in your talent pools and the labor market. If direct sourcing can’t provide the skills you need as quickly as you need them, we work through your staffing supply chain to access high-quality skilled talent. When combined with MSP, direct sourcing can help you achieve greater cost savings by leveraging hiring volume and total program spend.

direct sourcing solutions in action.

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banking and financial services industry
12 July 2021
100% direct fulfillment with 11-day time to offer on average

Managed talent pools, programmatic advertising and recruitment technology help this financial services firm engage contingent talent faster while delivering an exceptional talent experience.


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healthcare industry
24 November 2020
healthcare company saves more than €125,000
food manufacturing industry
02 June 2020
hiring 300 contractors to ensure workplace safety

power contingent recruitment with tech.

Our highly integrated and advanced TalentUX technology platform provides a personalized experience for each and every potential candidate. Through consumer-like marketing automation and nurturing, you can achieve the highest capture and conversion rates for your targeted candidates. 

With our holistic branded direct sourcing solution, you can access a comprehensive portfolio of talent analytics and recruitment technologies that will help drive your contingent recruitment strategy, including:

  • TalentRadar analytics and Randstad Market Insights 
  • an integrated talent marketing and client-branded talent pool platform
  • personalized jobs portal that enhances deployment outcomes
  • texting-based recruitment
  • AI-powered job matching
  • gamification assessments
  • content curation to facilitate engagement
  • automated onboarding

a diverse contingent workforce.

If you’re working to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace for all of your talent, you can’t leave contingent talent out. Your branded direct sourcing solution will use data and market intelligence to uncover where to best reach diverse talent, and provide insights on how to create a more equitable experience. Talent marketing strategies will help you reach and continually nurture relationships with the people you’re seeking. 

Learn more in this Q&A with our vice president of Diversity & Inclusion for MSP, Vaishali Shah.


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