integrated talent solutions.

Optimal talent today has no predefinitions. The right person may be an employee, contractor or contingent worker, and could come from anywhere in the world. It's time to move beyond traditional talent silos toward a holistic total talent strategy to predict, rather than react to, business strategy and market dynamics.

accelerate total talent agility

An integrated talent model can provide the most effective approach to aligning talent strategy with business objectives, while giving you the flexibility to adapt to change. By combining talent acquisition for both permanent and contingent roles, we will help you gain complete visibility of all the resources used throughout your organization, allowing you to easily assess the way you deploy talent at any point.

talent redefined.

Talent no longer refers to your top performers or the permanent workforce, nor is solely focused on specific functions in your organization. It now represents the collective power of all who are working together towards the realization of your goals and your organizational future. This power may come from permanent employees, temporary workers, contractors and sometimes even machines. 

a business game changer.

Integrated talent solutions are not only a blend of RPO and MSP, they are game changers, specially designed to take on a total business view. In the emerging field of integrated talent solutions, Randstad Sourceright has hands-on success bringing this total view to organizations across industries and around the world. 

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real talent intelligence.

To be agile, talent strategies must be holistic and flexible, bringing together the optimum mix of people at any moment in time to meet your business objectives. Deciding on the right combination of resources requires information, insight and access. Randstad Sourceright is on the forefront of delivering total talent solutions designed to drive business agility, scalability and flexibility. 

data & science.

We combine deep data science expertise and global talent experience with the most powerful analytical tools, resulting in a talent strategy underpinned by real intelligence to better compete for and engage talent. Ultimately, an integrated talent solution will help you predict rather than react, resulting in realized ambitions and continued progress.  

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our in-depth approach.

You need to move quickly in this shifting world of talent. This is only possible if the silos that impede progress and openness are removed. Randstad Sourceright is at the forefront of developing and implementing integrated talent solutions. We bring together our solutions design expertise, and truly activate the following practices and areas of expertise:

agile strategies. 

Our integrated talent strategies provide one, holistic view of your talent supply and demand. With this complete perspective, our clients have the ability to act quickly to address business demands, anticipate and proactively avoid challenges, and drive long-term success.

talent intelligence. 

Randstad Sourceright combines deep data science expertise with global talent experience and the most powerful analytical tools, resulting in a talent strategy underpinned by real intelligence that helps you better compete for and engage the right talent, today and in the future.

partnership and change management. 

Integrated solutions cross many functions, stakeholders and roles within an organization. The process of gaining buy-in before and during implementation is fundamental to the success of the program. Our hands-on experts provide the strategic expertise and partnership required to navigate the complexities and create an environment where these programs are positioned for success.

global reach. 

Our global footprint includes in-house resources with deep, practical knowledge across all regional markets. It's further supported by highly connected global recruitment delivery centers driving on-shore, near-shore and off-shore solutions. "Global" means always-on recruiting, reach for talent across borders, experience in-market and scale to address any size program.

advanced, proprietary technology. 

Technology is an underlying success factor of all of our solutions. We have developed our own proprietary technology stack, Talent Velocity, to provide predictive intelligence, while utilizing the best available recruiting and talent management tools. This provides a comprehensive view that ties together ‘best of’ systems into one accessible integrated approach for recruiting technology and analytics.

recruiting strategy. 

In today’s competitive market, winning talent share requires the most advanced techniques to identify, reach and onboard the talent that others simply cannot find. We engage the talent your organization needs to create and build the relationships that will drive business success.

employer brand. 

Your brand can either be a major motivator or detractor for potential employees. Its impact on candidates and their decision-making process must be understood and purposefully addressed to engage new employees. Our dedicated employer brand practice helps you turn your brand into a recruiting and retention advantage.

self-sourcing & freelancer management systems. 

The advent of freelancer management systems (FMS), otherwise known as the human cloud, offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve access to the growing flexible workforce. By providing direct access to individual freelancers and automating many of the processes associated with managing them, an FMS can help you expand your talent supply, improve quality of talent and speed of engagement, ultimately supporting a more nimble business strategy. Randstad Sourceright’s talent advisors provide MSP and integrated solutions clients with the support they need to make the most of their FMS value opportunity.

critical talent functions. 

From diversity and compliance, to strategic sourcing and talent assessment, we have the deep experience and dedicated resources to help companies address the detailed challenges and opportunities of talent strategy today. Our experts are thought leaders in their fields and they have the processes in place to put their knowledge to work in building your total talent strategy.

the integrated talent playbook.

To help you prepare for a new world of work, we’ve developed the Integrated Talent Playbook — a comprehensive view of holistic workforce planning and talent acquisition that spans an organization’s talent needs. It helps you think about the challenges and shortcomings of siloed workforce planning and provides thought-provoking questions to consider.

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