is your workforce agile enough to take on the unexpected?

Existing business models have evolved suddenly. Customer expectations have shifted. The way you operate seems to change every day. But even though the economy is unpredictable, you need to create certainty in an uncertain world.

Assuring your business leaders that talent is available and scalable gives them confidence to move forward so they don’t miss out on opportunities. Can you guarantee talent readiness to your C-suite and hiring managers? A total, or integrated talent management solution is the most effective way to acquire and manage your human capital strategy when agility is your goal. Read on to find out how you can optimize costs while ensuring rapid access to quality talent through an integration of permanent and contingent talent.

insights drive workforce planning

Predictive talent analytics are at the heart of an integrated talent management solution. Insights about your talent demand and use, combined with market intelligence and the Randstad Sourceright’s data lake, provide the actionable information your business needs to make smart decisions about talent and your business.

efficient workforce management

Helping you to view talent in a new way, an integrated talent solution allows you to achieve high-efficiency workforce planning. Instead of planning talent acquisition strategies based on historical approaches, total talent management uncovers which types of talent arrangements will help you meet business needs best.  

Are you seeking to fill roles quickly? Where are target skills most readily available? Should you be seeking permanent hires, contingent talent or a combination of both? Integrated talent management solutions help you answer these questions and deliver the talent your business needs.

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what you can expect with an integrated talent solution

Although an integrated talent model provides an advantage over traditional, siloed workforce management methods, not all programs are created equal. You’ll be assured of the best outcome by partnering with a service provider that is a leader in both RPO and MSP services as well as being a recognized consultative authority in holistic practices. 

Here’s what you can expect from Randstad Sourceright’s integrated talent solutions:

end-to-end advisory services 

From consultative advice that advances your business goals to creating a more engaging talent experience, an integrated talent solution is more than just aggregating external talent acquisition solutions. Your integrated talent program will focus on continuous improvement, deliver market insights that activate your growth plans and provide support from the most experienced program professionals in the world. This holistic approach accelerates results and business outcomes.

strategic insights and support 

How can you be a leader in a time of uncertainty? You understand your resourcing needs better than anyone else, but mapping out the best channels for acquiring human capital can be challenging. Our integrated solutions provide the sourcing strategies and business insights essential to effective workforce management. Randstad Sourceright’s comprehensive approach ensures you make decisions based on the most relevant data, supported by the guidance of our subject matter experts.

change management and processes that work 

The flawless integration of your workforce requires advanced processes and equally integrated technologies. But, is your organization ready to embrace such a transformation? As part of your program, our team will not only analyze your talent needs, but also what your organization needs to adapt and adopt your new model. We’ll create an implementation and operational roadmap that ensures effective and repeatable results for both short- and long-term program success. 

global governance, local execution 

Is your talent acquisition strategy inconsistent across your regions, business units or locations? With an integrated solution, we help you build a centralized approach to talent management that is executed with local adaptations. 
Your policies and guidelines are standardized, yet customized and relevant to each market. More importantly, your strategy is guided by program teams that will deliver ongoing innovation to your program, all guided by your global and local talent acquisition goals.

talent advisory on a new level 

Eliminating silos between permanent and contingent talent is just one component of a successful integrated talent solution. You will elevate workforce planning when data helps you understand which types of talent are best for a particular need. That’s why predictive analytics and our talent advisors are pivotal to success.

Our highly experienced advisors work closely with your talent acquisition team and hiring managers to ensure you’re engaging the right talent at the right time for the right roles and at the right cost. That may mean sourcing a contingent worker for roles that have historically been filled with permanent hires, or identifying where to recruit for in-demand skills. 
Our talent advisors also nurture relationships with job seekers and talent suppliers so you always have an engaged pool of candidates who are loyal to your employer brand.

multi-channel sourcing strategies 

As unemployment rates remain high, how will you find and identify the right individuals for your organization? Our holistic approach uses multi-channel sourcing strategies — supported by AI-powered engagement and screening technologies — to ensure you have access to highly skilled candidates. 
From silver medalists that were recruited for permanent roles and proprietary talent pools created for your contingent workforce, to procured services and the human cloud, an integrated talent solution curates a variety of sources so that the right people and skills are never out of reach.

elevated employer brand

Your multi-sourcing strategy and holistic model will also strengthen your employer brand. As part of your integrated talent solution, talent pooling and curation will promote your company’s values, employee value proposition (EVP) and career path opportunities. Our comprehensive methods ensure you become an employer of choice for both permanent and contingent talent.

highly scalable across the globe 

With global uncertainty hindering workforce planning, will you be able to find and hire the right talent when the need arises? Will talent be able to cross borders? Will you consider a more remote workforce? Your total talent management solution will be built on a scalable model that can be quickly expanded anywhere your organization operates. That means as some markets offer greater access to talent while others are shut, you’ll be able to deliver the people your business needs anywhere in the world.

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