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As an important element in many of its MSP solutions, Randstad Sourceright brings Freelancer Management Systems (FMS) into the strategic management our clients' talent programs. This approach provides the visibility companies need to leverage the entire pool of available flexible talent for their MSPs, and in the case of total talent solutions, it enables strategic management of the entire workforce, permanent and flexible talent alike. By incorporating an FMS platform as part of your total talent strategy, your organization can achieve significant benefits, including:

  • Expanded talent supply: Sourcing through the Freelance Management Software expands the pool of available talent by providing a direct connection to freelancers that aren’t available through the supplier community. Combined with your contingent workforce supply chain, the FMS provides access and visibility across all sources of flexible talent.
  • Quality of talent: Through effective program management, quality of talent can be monitored and optimized across all sources, including contingent workforce suppliers and FMS sources alike.
  • Cost and speed: By expanding your talent supply and enabling on demand access to flexible talent, an FMS can help your organization to more quickly secure desired talent and provide more choices for optimizing costs.
  • Candidate experience and attraction: An FMS is designed to streamline many aspects of talent engagement, and provides a positive experience for both employers and freelancers. An enhanced engagement experience is helpful in attracting talent to the FMS platform, and in keeping talent available for repeat engagement within your organization. 

the Randstad Sourceright advantage: expertise and support to maximize FMS value for your organization

Randstad Sourceright’s talent advisors provide clients of our MSP and integrated talent solutions with the support they need to make the most of the FMS value opportunity. Areas of focus include:

  • Strategic Expertise: How do you ensure that you are including the right FMS choices in your talent strategy, and what does it take to ensure consistency and visibility across your operations? Our talent advisors have the technology and strategy expertise to help you develop the right plan of action. 
  • Education and communication: As with any technology, adoption is key to success for utilizing the FMS. We help clients ensure not only that internal users leverage the platform, but that they are prepared to do so in a way that connects with the entire talent strategy.
  • Operations and measurement: By bringing the FMS into the fabric of your talent operations, and ensuring consistent use and engagement, you will be on a path toward measuring and improving results in terms of quality, speed and cost.
  • Innovation: We have dedicated experts to ensure that you are staying ahead of the latest developments in FMS solutions, as well as all aspects of technology innovation, from analytics to candidate care.
  • Technology partnership: Randstad Sourceright has developed relationships with leading FMS providers, including Randstad's recent acquisition of Twago, and our on-team technology experts will advise you on the right technology platform aligned to your specific needs.  
  • Specialized sourcing and management strategies: an FMS platform provides a great opportunity for a company to self-source talent, and we can apply strategies to help grow your overall pool of available talent. This includes creating and sustaining talent pools of retirees, interns, working parents and others who provide an on-demand talent source for recurring needs. 
  • Risk management: as your flexible workforce grows, you need to ensure your are adequately managing the associated risks. We will provide a quantifiable risk assessment that exposes potential worker misclassification by providing insight into your current independent contractor usage, spend and engagement practices. As your single point of contact for managing all flexible talent, including freelancers and independent contractors, we will help you reduce all risk associated with employment.

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