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Technology, when coupled with human intelligence, becomes an accelerator towards the realization of your talent strategies.

redefining talent intelligence through technology


Powerful solutions. Tools that help people to work better. Systems that help create and capture business impact. These are the values that we deliver to clients through the Randstad Sourceright integrated technology platform. Technology is at the core of the development, execution, and analysis of our strategies. Our custom-approach to building an integrated suite of the right technologies for our customers connects all aspects of recruitment marketing, talent engagement, performance measurement, and analytics into one state-of-the-art talent intelligence platform. This brings together all the building blocks our experts utilize to define, implement, and optimize your talent strategies.


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empowering technology with human intelligence


We recognize that technology is only as smart as the people behind it. Our dedicated team of global technology experts have deep experience in the areas of data science and analytics, talent systems and processes, vendor management systems, and HR systems. This gives us the ability to ensure that our technology is uniquely structured to support the specific needs of each of our clients. Our commitment to advancing technology that matters to our clients is also evident through our continued support of the Randstad Innovation Fund. This funding for new innovations results in measurable progress of human intelligence and talent strategy. The areas of investment are determined by direct feedback from our clients and hands-on experience from our experts. 


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"With the rise of analytics, increased recruitment marketing adoption, greater deployment of automation and robotics, reinvention of applicant tracking systems, the explosive growth in mobile usage and many other developments, HR is significantly investing in tools that will optimize and enhance their processes and results."

Cas Turbak, Director, Technology

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