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To stand out as an employer, you must have a deep connection with the people you aim to attract and authentic engagement with your own employees. You need insight into what is essential and inspiring to the people you desire as employees, and to outwardly demonstrate those qualities in your own brand. Even if you are new-to-market or expanding into new geographies, your brand must be built consciously to create visibility and have a strong pull effect to engage both active and passive talent in the local environment. 


the impact of a strong employer brand is tremendous


Randstad Sourceright's globally connected team of experts specialize in building and developing employer brand strategies. We work together with you to determine your brand assets and perception, and define where the softer factors are needed to attract top talent as a brand of choice. The impact of building a strong employer brand is immediate and tremendous: faster hiring times, stronger employee engagement, increased retention and lower recruitment costs. These immediate gains will turn into longer-term measurable business impact through stronger employee engagement and increased productivity of your workforce.

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‘glocal’ employer brand approach improves access to specialist talent

Hear how Société Générale has built a ‘glocal’ approach to employer branding to make a personal connection with top talent

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you need to truly differentiate to win talent share

In a world where talented individuals have an abundance of options, your brand must create relevant differentiation to get their attention. You need to self-reflect and get honest answers for these questions to develop your brand from a talent perspective: How is your organization perceived today? What do your ideal candidates desire? What can you do, and do differently, to attract the ideal talent?

Randstad Sourceright can help you find these answers and translate this insight into your employer brand strategy. We are uniquely equipped to help you create a great employer brand. From research to strategy development, execution and technology, we know what it takes to deliver on the promise of the Human Intelligence Advantage when it comes to creating visibility and pull for your brand.

  • Research. A strong employer brand strategy begins with a commitment to understanding the current company brand, the needs of the target talent audience and the gaps between today’s position and the desired future-state. Randstad Sourceright applies best-practice methodologies to discover and document these elements. Our approach encompasses an assessment of your current brand from an outside-in perspective, competitor research, success metrics, and best practice benchmarks. 
  • Strategy. The Randstad Sourceright approach to employer brand strategy includes market research, employee value proposition (EVP) development, articulation of the candidate experience, internal roll out and hiring manager education, messaging, communications and social media outreach. By covering all elements of employer brand development and implementation, and working from solid, quantifiable information, we help companies position themselves as highly desired employers of choice.
  • Attraction. Your talent attraction strategy puts your employer brand to work by promoting key messages across critical communication venues. We create and support detailed talent attraction plans, develop content and messaging, apply best practices in recruitment marketing and leverages an array of digital services and technologies. We help our clients bring resonant messages to the talent they want to attract, in a way that translates to real and measurable advantages. 
  • Technology. The technology that supports an employer brand must have the flexibility to streamline complex processes across many different areas of outreach and interaction. This includes candidate tracking, recruitment marketing and analytics. Randstad Sourceright’s proprietary technology environment connects these recruiting components in a comprehensive, connected platform.
  • Sourcing Effectiveness. Our Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) function improves sourcing effectiveness, helping to track and manage the candidate experience from outreach to onboarding. Our outreach capabilities are streamlined to manage interaction with multiple sites and social media channels. An advanced analytics capability measures recruitment marketing and sourcing performance, candidate flow and associated costs. Other important components of our technology environment include connected capabilities for search engine optimization, mobile recruiting, video interviewing and candidate screening and selection. 
  • Employer Brand Expertise. And throughout all of the processes and phases to develop your employer brand, our specialists are present and working together with you to bring your strategy to life. Their experience across geographies and industries provides a fresh perspective and actionable insight into making you an employer of choice.

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“The candidate experience is an integral pillar of employer brand strategy, not only impacting an organization’s reputation as an employer, but also how it’s perceived as a provider of products and services.To get ahead of the competition for talent, organizations must consider candidate experience more than just another fad in talent acquisition.It’s where an employer brand and consumer brand come together to influence buying behavior .”

Jennifer Klimas, Director, Employer Brand

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