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The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the global economy and businesses everywhere.  Like others affected by this development, your organization faces an unprecedented challenge with managing your workforce. As a partner to employers around the world, we’re ready to continue supporting your goals and providing the expertise, advisory services and best practices to help your organization weather this worldwide emergency.


what you can expect from us.

Never before in modern times has the global economy faced such a dire threat. Among all the disruptive forces unfolding, overseeing the safety of your workforce is certainly your top priority. Once you have enacted your response plan, however, what’s next in your preparations to get business-ready when operations and customer demands return to normal? How can you put in place now the resources that will be needed when the restrictions are lifted?

For clients of Randstad Sourceright, the first assurance you can expect is a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan guided by a global executive team focused on maintaining the integrity of all business functions during this crisis. Like many of you, we have put in place measures to protect our workforce, whether they are onsite, at a client’s facility or offshore. We have established protocols following recommendations from health authorities, national, regional and local task forces, and other advisory groups to ensure we can support client  operations in the safest and most effective manner possible. We will maintain regular communication with all of our stakeholders, including a minimum of weekly updates on our operations, as well as other best practices and any additional insights that can help companies return to business as usual when the time is right. We’re here to help with efforts to drive awareness around hygiene, enabling work from home and other ways to support your operational needs. You can learn more about our business continuity plan summary here.


talent continuity learning series.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is creating business disruption like we've never seen in modern times. How can agility and innovation help your team and company navigate through uncertainty? Check out our educational webinar series to help you lead in times of crisis.

  • leading remotely in times of uncertainty.

    Thursday, March 26 (EMEA & NAM time)

    Thursday, April 2 (APAC time)

  • before and after: sourcing and recruiting in a virtual environment.

    Thursday, April 9

  • protecting your employer brand, even as markets shift.

    Thursday, April 23

  • 10 tips: upskill employees on using essential technology.

    Thursday, May 7


your questions answered.

Like many organizations around the world, you may have questions about business risks in the event of unseen workforce contingencies. How can you ensure your business meets legal and contractual obligations in a rapidly evolving world of work and regulatory environment?

We have developed a list of Q&As below to help provide answers and resources you should review to help your company minimize risks, adopt best practices and stay informed throughout rapid market changes around the world.

  • What is your view on Randstad’s ability to continue to supply clients with workforce services over the coming months?

    Like most companies, Randstad maintains a Business Continuity team focused on maintaining all aspects of our business functions related to the COVID-19 virus and its impact. In the current business environment, we have established protocols following recommendations from health authorities, national, regional and local task forces, and other advisory groups to ensure we can continue to run our business and support our clients and workers in the safest and most effective manner possible for all stakeholders.

    As any emergent situation would require, Randstad will very closely follow the guiding rules client organizations have in place for their own employees and will advise our employees on client sites to adhere to these same policies and procedures, with applicable monitoring and guidance. 

    In all countries, we are also in the process of expediting conversations via federations and unions to understand how we can safeguard the financial well-being of our contingent workforce and what government measures might be available to assist them during this time. Further communication on this topic will be made available to you in due course.

  • What provisions/best practices are Randstad following that may be of help to you?

    We believe governments and health agencies are best positioned to determine appropriate measures, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and other prominent health organizations, and our global and local task forces are adhering to their guidelines on mitigation and prevention.

  • What can Randstad do to provide ongoing support/advice in regards to our workforce programs?

    Please find a short overview of our plans in this document. This is being led by our global leadership team, the COVID-19 global task force, our global head of risk and our account leadership teams.

    We also have a specific business continuity plan for our Global Business Services shared centers, and we have stress tested all our offsite delivery centers and are able to continue delivery in multiple situations. 

    In the event that one of the operational areas Randstad supports onsite at one of your locations is impacted by the coronavirus, we would suggest setting up weekly or bi-weekly communication updates (increasing frequency, as necessary) to immediately respond at the local level and ensure ongoing agility on a more macro level.

    Randstad’s number-one priority is a safe and healthy work environment for all. Our task force is dedicated to managing all concerns and issues arising from this matter. Randstad will proactively communicate updates as information is made available or decisions are made.

    We are focused on communicating the prevention and mitigation steps recommended by organizations like the WHO and other prominent health agencies to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as working with our clients to address known issues and respond to the needs of the business to ensure a safe, healthy and productive workforce. Randstad’s existing Business Continuity Planning team is continuously monitoring the impact of coronavirus and will make recommendations as needed.

  • How is Randstad managing technology?

    We continue to assess and test our technology infrastructure, and are confident that we will maintain service in the event that our teams employed on client programs can continue to work (also in line with client plans, policies and procedures). 

    Our senior leadership team will closely monitor the situation in all client accounts using our proprietary analytics programs. This gives us early insight into key recruiting metrics to ensure our teams remain agile and can be a significant resource in providing guidance on facilitating work from home arrangements, video interviewing services, virtual recruiting platforms, etc. to keep your business moving ahead during this disruption.


best practices curated for you.

Unsure how to adapt your talent strategies during the COVID-19 emergency? We have curated best practice examples from employers and advice from leading health authorities around the world to help you effectively respond to the current challenging environment. From examples of how companies are leading in the fight to protect their workers, to expert advice on how you should communicate with talent on an ongoing basis, we’ve created a database of curated content that will be updated regularly during the pandemic crisis. Our best practices library also includes original content authored by Randstad thought leaders and valued technology partners on steps you can take to minimize disruption to your business.


how can we help you?

Whether you need support on contingent talent management during this period, have questions about hiring protocols affected by company restrictions or would like to learn about how technology can help you maintain business as usual in your talent management strategy, our subject matter experts around the world provide always-on advisory during the times when you need it the most. When you are unsure what actions to take, turn here to request the right answer.

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