Alice connects to participating employers’ payroll systems, and it monitors employees’ expenses for pre-tax eligible items. Employees can save money on expenses related to childcare, ride-sharing, parking, prescriptions and more.

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Brazen allows organizations to host online recruiting and networking events, leveraging a timed "many-to-one” chat interaction. The text-based channels increase engagement, especially for Gen Y and Z, increase conversion of passive talent and contribute to employer branding.

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Crunchr is a SaaS platform for HR reporting and workforce analytics. It consolidates, validates and visualizes people data from all available data sources across the company. It offers powerful predictive analytics and learning functions to help users translate insights into actions.

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Coffreo automates the onboarding, administrative processes and document handling for flex workers and temp agencies. Workers can manage their own projects and data, and electronically sign documents within Coffreo, including contracts, and look into their pay slips.

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Goodwall is the mobile-first professional development network for the next generation. It guides young people through the future of earning and learning.

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GR8 People

GR8 People is an all-in-one recruiting platform that brings CRM, recruitment marketing, hiring and onboarding together.

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HackerRank is an online recruitment community and assessment tool, using coding challenges in a variety of programming languages to source, rank and match top programmers.

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Pymetrics offers a unique way of sourcing, engaging and sorting/matching candidates based on gamified psychometric assessments. The 20 short games assess candidate soft skills by measuring 90 cognitive and emotional traits beyond education and background.

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Shiftboard is cloud-based workforce management software built for the complexity of a large workforce. It connects automated scheduling with workforce management, including time and attendance, applicant tracking, communication and onboarding.

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validated ID

ViDSigner offers a SaaS multi-channel electronic signature platform that combines the security of cryptographic technology, biometrics and easy use, from email certification to website and mobile integrations, smartcard and handwritten, in-person signing. ViDChain provides a blockchain-based, one click digital identity, implementable in the optimization of user and online customer onboarding and digital procedures involving identity verification, thus saving time and money while increasing efficiency.

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