Speed, agility, endurance: is your company fit for talent?

Introducing the 2016 Talent Trends Report, a comprehensive look at the 30 most impactful trends shaping the world of work today. 

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what does it take to transform your workforce into a high-performance endurance team?

If you are a talent decision maker, the pressure is on

Leadership is looking to you for a vision to succeed in a time of talent scarcity. It’s about understanding where talent comes from when traditional workforce rules and limitations are in a state of constant change. Where do you turn for the big-picture insight you need? 


Our 2016 Talent Trends Report is a great reference tool to help keep you on track to the finish line ahead of your competitors. The report will give you a full view into the key developments in the world of work and you will hear from your peers on how they're meeting the demands of today’s talent challenges.


What's inside?

  • Big-picture snapshot: a look at the 30 biggest trends in the world of work
  • Global survey results: views of 376 talent leaders from 62 countries
  • Best practice insights: advice from 30 global subject matter experts
  • Talent “fitness” checklist: to assess your organization’s talent readiness 

understand the critical trends driving success in 2016

With the input of nearly 400 HR leaders globally, we’ve identified 30 of the most important trends impacting talent, employers and business. These dynamic forces are likely affecting your operations today and certain to influence them in the future. By familiarizing yourself with these latest market developments, you will be better prepared to speed through winding twists and turns in the road ahead.


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theme 1: navigating a dynamic course

The race for talent superiority isn’t just about beating competitors; sometimes it’s about conquering the track. High-performing talent organizations need agility and vision to speed through unexpected curves that come their way. By tackling rapidly developing workforce trends head on, these organizations stay at the front of the pack.

theme 2: relying on an agile team

Just as a pit crew is integral to a driver’s performance during crucial stops, an organization’s talent team is pivotal to its business performance. A highly skilled, responsive team provides business leaders with the talent resources and agility they need to stay ahead in the race for success.

theme 3: a holistic approach powers talent capabilities

Do you have a strategy to compete for alent? To lead the pack, you need a total grasp of your talent capabilities, an understanding of the market challenges that will slow you down and an ability to shift your organization into a higher gear. Many organizations are focusing on bringing together people, processes and technologies in a holistic approach to accelerate the growth of their talent capabilities.

theme 4: execute on winning tactics

You have the vision and the right strategy to help you pull ahead in the race for talent, but how can you ensure you execute according to the plan? Give your workforce strategies more torque by developing the right tactics to win top talent.

theme 5: firing on all cylinders accelerates talent strategy

For an organization to reach peak performance, it needs to fire on all cylinders. And to do so, it needs an array of enabling technology, analytical insights and intelligence. Organizations that can successfully embrace key technology developments and data-driven insights into its workforce strategies stand the best chance at taking the checkered flag.

"Supporting employer brand development is one of the things that all of our executives at the table agree on. It just makes sense."

–– Anouska Ramsay, Talent Director, Capgemini UK

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