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With a focus on total talent architecture and sophisticated talent acquisition and talent management solutions, Randstad Sourceright delivers outsourcing programs throughout the world with a team of more than 2,000 professionals with expertise in recruitment process outsourcing RPO, managed services programs MSP, blended workforce solutions, and payrolling & independent contractor solutions.

Randstad Sourceright is an operating company of Randstad, the second largest HR services provider in the world with global revenues of €17.25 billion. With 4,500 offices in 39 countries representing more than 90% of the global HR services market, Randstad employs 28,000+ corporate employees dedicated to 'Shaping the world of work.' In the work that we do everyday in the world of human resources, we contribute to the communities where we live and work. We help people to shape great careers and have a positive impact on their lives, and we connect companies with the best talent to drive business growth and performance. 

the Randstad Sourceright value

talent strategies to drive quantifiable business impact

As a strategic leader, you have the vision and ambition to position your company ahead of your competitors, but do you have the expert support and infrastructure to make it happen? Too often, you are called on for solutions when mission-critical positions languish unfilled or when worker ramp-up for a new initiative falls short of expectations, or when agency usage and costs are out of control. What you need is an expert partner who can free you up to work on aligning your talent management strategy with your business vision.

Randstad Sourceright helps shape and manage the talent acquisition and human capital management strategies of some of the world’s most successful employers. As a global leader in recruitment process outsourcing, managed services programs, blended workforce solutions, and contingent workforce services, we know why your brand might struggle with attracting candidates in China, why your staffing spend in Germany inexplicably rose, or why unchecked use of independent contractors at your company creates significant risk and compliance issues. We have long demonstrated our capability to partner with clients to understand their strategy and bring it to life.

Do you want to drive per-employee costs 27% lower than peers? Organizations with great talent management practices do. To help you achieve similar goals, we’ve perfected world-class processes and developed industry-leading expertise to identify and implement business efficiencies. Typically for the portion of talent spend we manage, Randstad Sourceright clients save 5-15% in total cost of employment. So how can you keep membership with this small community of innovators? Randstad Sourceright helps you connect the dots — we provide the expertise you need to identify the gaps, opportunities, and trends affecting business today and for the future. From the newest employer branding tools to cutting-edge sourcing methodologies to emerging labor legislation and human capital strategies from around the world, we offer unparalleled knowledge on a range of issues and deliver the services you need to align your business with your vision. That’s the Randstad Sourceright way.

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Randstad Sourceright delivers services in all major markets, with physical presence in 39 countries and delivery capabilities in just about every country across the globe. 

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what our clients say

“The RSR APAC team are great partners and a pleasure to work with. They come across as collaborative and practical – from the RFQ, through to implementation, and now operationally. The solution provided is flexible to accommodate JDSU’s changing talent acquisition demands across Asia Pacific, while continually bringing to it knowledge and best practices gained in the US.” 

-- Heow-Ming Lee,  Senior  Manager – Human Resources, JDSU Asia Pacific