Services Procurement Essentials

Do you find Services Procurement mystifying?  Do you struggle to see how a Statement of Work (SOW) management program could add value to your organisation?  

If so, don't worry because you are not alone.  In fact, many people find the services procurement landscape tricky to navigate and therefore understand the benefits it can bring to your organization.  

Randstad Sourceright would like to help.  We believe that the SOW arena should be far simpler to explain and the case for change much more obvious.  If this sounds like music to your ears then please register to hear Paul Vincent, our global head of services procurement, walk through what you really need to know.  

On June 15 at 2 PM Singapore time / 8 AM Amsterdam / 7 AM UK time, Paul will share the following insights:

  1. what is SOW management and why does it matter?
  2. what is the SOW lifecycle?
  3. why do organisations find it hard to buy third party services efficiently and effectively?
  4. what SOW management options are available to you?  

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