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In the latest Randstad Sourceright Talent Trends survey, employers across all sectors cite talent scarcity as a top concern. While the reasons for this challenge vary by industry — from the retiring baby boomer workforce, to the need for highly specialized skills and shifting business objectives — it's now clear you may be competing with any company, in any sector, for the best talent. But with advanced technologies and recruiting strategies emerging, employers across all industries are seeking and implementing innovative methods for accessing the skills they need to meet growing or evolving demands. 

Which sectors are integrating AI and robotics in their workforce? What role does employer branding play in attraction and retention strategies? How are contingent labor trends reshaping your industry? View the Talent Trends Quarterly findings by sector to understand the nuances and develop a plan to face the competition head on.

automotive & manufacturing

Human capital and C-suite leaders in the automotive & manufacturing sector report slowing industry growth; just 15% say their business grew beyond expectations in the last year. Despite this, employers are experiencing a boost in hiring, with 60% reporting extensive hiring in the last 12 months.

Digital specialists to support HR transformation are in high demand for automotive & manufacturing employers. Other initiatives that top their priority lists include reskilling the existing workforce (22%) and programs to develop company leaders (22%). 

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banking & financial services

The sector most susceptible to economic instability, banking & financial services leaders are optimistic about the future. Three-quarters believe the current political climate will either have a positive impact on or create tremendous opportunities for their talent strategies. 

As they hire to meet growth objectives, banking & financial services employers will need to keep up with talent innovation. Leaders in this sector are most concerned that they will not be able to reach top talent if they fail to invest adequately in this area.

Read more banking & financial services Talent Trends in our sector report. 

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consumer goods

Human capital and C-suite leaders in the consumer goods industry express a strong interest in adopting an integrated talent model. The total of those who definitely or probably will implement in the next 12 months comes to 94%, the highest among all sectors.

The majority of employers (54%) in the consumer goods sector increased use of automation and robotics this year. Surprisingly, the top roles leaders say will be affected do not include manufacturing. Employers expect talent acquisition, HR, IT/technology and procurement to be most impacted.

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IT & technology

As the IT & technology sector continues to see substantial growth, employers are turning their hiring focus from R&D roles to positions that create the infrastructure to support that growth. Leaders expect they will increase hiring for finance and accounting (22%), sales (17%) and IT/technology (17%) roles in the future.

While just 24% of IT & technology employers say they've increased the use of automation and robotics this year, the majority (88%) expect to see positive effects from their adoption in the next three to five years.  

Learn about the trends influencing talent strategy in the IT & technology sector in our fact sheet.

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life sciences & healthcare

In a sector that's no stranger to new regulations, life sciences & healthcare employers are increasingly concerned about the regulation of gig workers. Just 5% said this was a pain point in 2016, while 35% cite it in 2017.

Likely a result of this concern, employers in this industry say they are placing greater emphasis on hiring strategic positions (58%) and permanent employees this year.

Explore other Talent Trends and their impact on life sciences & healthcare in our sector fact sheet. 

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