translate data points into business decisions.

Leverage predictive workforce analytics to build insight and foresight into your talent acquisition strategies to make better business decisions and communicate tangible results.

Watch the video to learn how our proprietary talent analytics platform, TalentRadar, brings together data from a wide variety of sources, combines it with market data and integrates it with all your HR systems and platforms to help your hiring managers answer important questions every day.

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we find the talent hiding in big data

People and their contributions can't be measured by simple numbers, but you need numbers to make informed business decisions and to build measurable, meaningful insights that connect your talent strategy to organizational growth goals. We bring you deep expertise that no one else can offer when it comes to talent analytics and predictive intelligence. And we make it our business to help HR leaders optimize, quantify and articulate their impact on business strategy and results.

talent analytics - role of HR

the evolving role of HR.

Today’s HR leaders are recognized business partners, contributing to overall strategy and responsible for delivering quantified results. While HR’s responsibilities have expanded and expectations have grown, the ability to translate data about your workforce into meaningful insight and impact is still at an early stage.

quantify your impact.

One of the greatest challenges in the pursuit of analytical insight is the overwhelming amount of data and sources. With your existing data, the latest technology platforms and our foresight into market trends, we can quantify the impact of current talent programs and concretely define what’s needed next.

learn how machine learning and analytics are changing recruiting.

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Gain insights into your talent aquistion strategy through our exclusive approach to predictive workforce analytics.

accelerate decision-making.

We know that smart talent data leads to smarter business decisions.

Randstad Sourceright’s team of data analysts and scientists have the ability to develop and accelerate your organization’s HR and talent management analytic capabilities. Our exclusive approach to predictive intelligence translates your raw data, market trends and industry experience into insight about today’s situation and foresight about tomorrow’s possibilities.

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talent analytics - build the future

build the future.

The impact of talent acquisition and retention strategies on business outcomes has never been more vital and visible. HR decision-makers need measurable, meaningful insights both to inform strategy and communicate results. The impact of HR strategies transcends beyond talent to total business results and success. 

RPO Case Study | Learn how talent analytics helped this organization access business critical talent.

success story.

Talent analytics power this company's access to business critical talent. Read how RPO program analytics are transforming how a global insurance and financial leader find and acquire talent.

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talent analytics - Talent Radar

introducing TalentRadar.

At the core of our analytics expertise is our own proprietary platform, TalentRadar. Bringing all of your talent data sources into a single view, we can apply the most relevant advances in recriuting analytics. Powering our talent advisor toolkit, TalentRadar provides the strongest of analytics platforms to enable talent forecasting, manage skills supply and demand and measure recruiting performance.

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predictive analytics that drive results

Our integration of technology and human capability adds an unprecedented level of intelligence to your recruiting and workforce strategy. TalentRadar draws on four key ingredients to process data and provide intelligence:

data from multiple sources.

Tying together data from candidate relationship management, applicant tracking, VMS and HRIS technologies is a constant challenge for most organizations. TalentRadar is a source-neutral platform that allows greater visibility across all of these systems.

predictive analytics.

TalentRadar can use data from any number of metrics to predict outcomes. We have developed algorithms, applying expertise from our on-staff data scientists to drive accuracy in predictions for all facets of talent acquisition.

custom alerts.

The context for any metric is key. TalentRadar analyzes data against established norms and parameters. When part of the recruiting operation needs attention, the system will provide immediate and specific alerts. No searching, logging in or report generation needed.

anytime, anywhere functionality.

TalentRadar is built to scale to any device that a user has available, from phones and tablets to desktop and laptop devices. This means that we have always-on access to the information to manage your recruiting business.

human insight.

Technology isn’t everything. TalentRadar's power and flexibility are only relevant when driven by people who have the know-how to create meaningful insight from the data and translate this insight into strategic initiatives. Our team of recruiting, analytics and technology experts specifically developed this technology to drive tangible, actionable results for our clients. Our data science expertise is helping us apply analytics in unique ways to solve difficult recruiting and business challenges. This ensures that the data we produce looks forward, not backward.

With a practical approach to analytics, organizations can develop data-driven intelligence to find talent more quickly, predict recruiting performance, improve quality of talent and connect talent acquisition to core business performance.

Jason Roberts, senior vice president, strategy & standardization
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