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2020’s massive surprises may have put your recruiting plans on hold, or created talent demand like you’ve never seen before. Were you prepared with the recruitment tools you needed to keep your company's talent goals on track?  Learn how next-generation recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions can help you stay agile in any conditions.

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the rise of the bionic recruiter.

How can human intelligence and AI work together to give your business a competitive recruiting advantage? How can you engage, hire and onboard talent virtually when physical distancing is required? Which recruitment technologies can help automate sourcing and screening? 

With the right strategy, you can free your recruiters of low-value tasks and allow them to become talent acquisition specialists who develop powerful relationships with candidates and hiring managers. Today’s advanced RPO solutions combine recruitment metrics, processes and technology to help you protect your employer brand, deliver exceptional talent experiences and make smarter hiring decisions. Does your recruitment process already deliver these advantages?


RPO Ahead is here.

RPO Ahead, the most advanced generation of Randstad Sourceright’s recruitment process outsourcing models, was created to help your business get the greatest value from your talent acquisition function. It takes you beyond the expected benefits of an outsourced recruitment solution to protect your employer brand, drive talent attraction, build a diverse workforce, widen your talent pools and help you make smarter business decisions. 

Through a balance of new recruitment ideas, process alignment and technology enablement, RPO Ahead transforms your ability to anticipate and deliver resources to your permanent workforce. 

how it works.

A thorough fact-finding exercise uncovers talent acquisition roadblocks, and remedies are developed to make them more efficient. Dedicated talent advisors provide consultative services to ensure you are on a path for continuous improvement. Cutting-edge recruitment AI and smart technologies are deployed to facilitate improvements. All of these efforts fundamentally transform your talent recruitment capabilities and can create a clear path toward total talent management.

Supported by the world’s largest talent data engine, Randstad Sourceright’s new recruitment models are designed to extract the greatest value from your talent data and market insights. This means being able to locate, attract and engage the right people more quickly and efficiently. 

With a physical presence around the world — based at both shared services centers and onsite at client operations — we are always near you. Perennially recognized as a market leader by analyst organizations, we are a trusted talent acquisition partner to leading organizations around the world.

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access the recruitment tools you need.

Recruitment marketing software, resume matching platforms, text and chat based technologies and other tools are automating processes and helping employers engage with talent from anywhere. But with so many different tools available, how do you know which will make the greatest impact on performance?

RPO Ahead helps you to make the right decisions by creating and implementing a technology stack that matches the right talent acquisition and recruitment software with your company’s needs. Built on our TalentRadar analytics platform, the stack delivers AI, robotics and other highly effective recruitment tools that automate processes, deliver intelligence and optimize results. Innovations include:

  • predictive talent analytics
  • on-demand video interviewing
  • chatbot engagement
  • automated recruitment marketing
  • gamification screening
  • skills based assessments
  • advanced recruitment marketing
Randstad Sourceright MSP case study

case study: HR tech and talent analytics enhance recruiting.

Want to learn how you can reduce cost per hire, while also ensuring high talent quality? Find out how this global manufacturer achieved 95% twelve-month employee retention, while maintaining a cost per hire that’s 21% below their target investment.

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Randstad Sourceright RPO benefits

9 benefits of RPO beyond cost savings.

While RPO has been an efficient and proven answer to employers' recruitment challenges, today's programs have evolved past the goal of filling seats. With the power to fundamentally transform each stage of the talent acquisition process, RPO is helping organizations enhance talent attraction and gain insights.

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Randstad Sourceright expanding your RPO

ready to expand your RPO program?

Talent leaders who have overseen successful RPO implementations often look to expand and replicate their programs once they recognize how process improvements can be made to other areas of their organization. Learn great tips on how you can expand on an already successful existing RPO.

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Randstad Sourceright diversity & inclusion

turn culture into a business driver.

The importance of creating impactful and insightful diversity and inclusion strategy can’t be overstated. Hear from Audra Jenkins, chief diversity and inclusion officer at Randstad Sourceright, in this podcast interview on why it matters to your organization.

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