recruitment alone won’t cut it.

There has been no time in history when the role of talent acquisition leadership is more critical to positioning companies for sustainable growth. Simultaneously facing structural talent scarcity and hiring freezes, how will you access — and retain — the skills your business needs to thrive during uncertain times? 

Described by some as the “Great Reshuffle,” current challenges are made more complex by evolving talent expectations. They expect more from their employers and won’t settle for less. In 2022, actual job changes reached a record high at 36.5%, and an additional 30% of employees are considering switching jobs. This represents over a third of your workforce who are potentially mobile and on the hunt for new opportunities. 

According to HBR, more than 60% of a company’s future roles can be filled by current employees, assuming that adequate mobility, reskilling and development programs are in place. But knowing how to look inward and when to seek skills externally can be complex. How can you use data, market intelligence and skills analysis to move forward?

what is RPO Mobility+?

Our RPO Mobility+ approach enables you to:

  • Focus on being human first underpinned by technology 
  • Shift to skill-based hiring and talent experiences 
  • Focus career conversations on progression not promotion 
  • Make career experiences and mobility easily for your people
  • Measure the right things to drive behavior and performance 
  • Harness Randstad talent intelligence to build talent segments
what are the benefits?

what are the benefits?

talent attraction + employee engagement.

Embedding an internal mobility program within your RPO program is an effective way to help your business address multiple challenges while ensuring you have an additional and sustainable talent channel for the long term. By exceeding the expectations of your internal talent through support, awareness, encouragement and providing the tools they need to succeed, they become loyal ambassadors for your business and your brand. 

This not only improves engagement and employee retention, but also helps your company stand out as an employer that invests in its people when recruiting externally as well.

the benefits of recruitment + internal mobility.

RPO Mobility+ combines recruitment and internal mobility strategies to help you:

  • get the skills you need today while developing and growing the skills you need for tomorrow to build a sustainable workforce  
  • easily identify internal talent and hidden skills that align with your business and talent acquisition strategy   
  • significantly improve time to productivity, compared to recruiting externally
  • positively impact overall workforce engagement and productivity, and improve employee retention
  • proactively excite internal talent on career possibilities, driving employee engagement
  • develop diverse talent, ensuring equitable work experiences
  • guide employees to ensure personal ownership over their career development, from first day to last.
  • create a consistent employer brand experience for both candidates and employees that authentically represents your core values
  • reduce unwanted attrition with improved employee engagement 

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how does it work?

engagement from day one.

With career coaching at the heart of RPO Mobility+, from the moment a person starts working until the day they move on, they will feel valued and engaged through possibilities you are able to see in them and the possibilities they are able to see in themselves.

To foster this increased movement of talent within your organization, we bring together our RPO specialists, worklife experts and career coaches with the right technologies and resources to stimulate skills development and mobility. This strengthens the relationship your people have with you and the value they bring to your business — all from day one

4 key principles


  • keep your business moving with retention and internal mobility.
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