expanding your RPO program.

Often, these engagements open talent leaders’ eyes to the benefits of outsourcing the recruitment function, leading to more comprehensive RPO programs that grow in scope of service, geography or number of business units. In what ways can an RPO program be expanded to drive even more positive results?

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Consider the following ways businesses often deepen engagement with their RPO provider.

1. Broadening the service scope.

A great number of RPO programs begin with simple source and screen services – the heavy lifting portion of the recruitment cycle – however, it is common for these engagements to expand to other services within the cycle, including talent assessment, offer management, onboarding and even career transition services.

2. Greater geographical reach.

A global RPO strategy enhances economies of scale, global talent mobility and management, and the global sharing of best practices and innovation. An RPO provider with global scope can provide market intelligence on talent availability in new areas for expansion and advise on supply and demand across different growth markets.

3. Adding business lines and roles.

A common way to expand an RPO program is to use the existing model for additional positions; this is especially easy given the employer already has a proven approach for adoption. It is also likely that many of the same team members will be involved as these new roles or business lines are added to the program scope.

4. Capturing additional value.

A growing number of buyers rely on RPO providers for expertise about, and strategic management of components of their talent management plans. This includes diversity and inclusion strategies, talent community management, advanced talent analytics, workforce planning, process reengineering and more.

5. Gaining true innovation expertise.

The ability to stay on top of the rapidly changing HR technology landscape and how these solutions can enhance the talent acquisition process is crucial. An RPO providers for expertise on which technologies can make the greatest positive impact at the organization now. And more importantly, provide the data and insight needed for future planning.

6. An integrated talent solution.

Providing a more holistic and flexible approach to talent strategy, an integrated talent model considers the workforce as a whole, and the solution provider uses a combination of technology and human  intelligence to develop strategy and  manage the entire range of talent acquisition activity.

talent challenges drive RPO innovation.

If you're considering expanding your current RPO program, the benefits are numerous, and the value is measurable. Whatever your evolving talent and business needs may be, the highly responsive nature of the RPO industry ensures there will be a solution.

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