the next generation of contingent workforce solutions.

How can you drive greater business value with contingent talent? MSP Ahead, the next generation of contingent workforce solutions, transforms your business into a talent-driven organization. Access the highest-quality flexible resources to enhance performance, manage spend and make an impact.

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contingent talent cares about the experience.

Is your organization effectively managing the performance of your flexible talent? Probably not if you are like most companies. The HR Technologist reports that just 30% say they excel at managing consultants, 23% excel at managing temp staff and 22% excel at managing freelancers and contractors.

how can you raise the bar and get more value?

By embracing MSP 3.0 — what we call MSP Ahead — you can usher in the next wave of innovation in managed services programs for staffing. This advanced approach takes your contingent workforce solution from being transactional to being talent-focused. 

By helping you to acquire and retain better contingent professionals more quickly and efficiently, MSP Ahead creates the best experience for your internal customers and talent. Furthering the strategic value of managed services, our programs enable your flexible workforce to accomplish more by using less of your internal resources, all while delivering measurable and sustainable results.

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MSP 3.0 is here.

To engage and re-engage your contingent talent quickly, you need to understand how to deliver to stakeholder expectations – from the talent to hiring managers to business leaders. Randstad Sourceright’s advanced MSP Ahead solutions are focused on a mix of leading-edge technology — from your vendor management system (VMS) to talent analytics and video interviewing — and overall process excellence to create greater value for your contingent workforce program.

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what's your strategy?

Drive engagement with a customized talent community filled with a robust pipeline of the best pre-qualified flex workers when you need them. Save costs and time by directly filling roles. Leverage the newest technologies and latest market data to assess and qualify the best candidates for your business.

By providing innovative tools, insights and processes, your MSP solution will elevate your contingent workforce performance to new heights.

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insight & foresight to keep you on track

So how do you implement a strategy that ensures a talent-centric approach? Backed by the world’s largest talent engine, we combine labor data from partner organizations and our proprietary database to deliver the most insightful view of talent across key markets around the world. 

Synthesized by our TalentRadar analytics platform and analyzed by our talent advisors, this information gives you a more holistic view and helps you make smarter decisions about your contingent workforce. Your robust MSP tech stack may include a VMS system, video interviewing, recruitment chatbots, freelance management tools, talent pooling technology and other innovations. When integrated into your MSP program, we help you transform your contingent talent into a business-driven workforce.

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what is MSP Ahead?

  • direct delivery

    Direct delivery of talent reduces supplier spend while enhancing access and quality.

  • video interviewing

    Video interviewing creates a highly engaging and positive experience for talent and hiring managers.

  • SOW management

    SOW management helps you capture significant savings on one of your largest categories of spend.

  • talent analytics

    Talent analytics deliver 360-degree view of your flexible resources utilized throughout your entire organization for better decision-making.

  • talent pooling

    Talent pooling provides always-on access to vetted and reliable professionals who want to be part of your organization in a variety of work arrangements.

  • Randstad Market Insights

    Randstad Market Insights delivers data and intelligence to support decision-making around the use of contingent resources and workforce planning.

Driving organizational performance and agility are at the heart of MSP 3.0. Whether you’re expanding your MSP to maximize value or just know how critical the talent experience is to being competitive today, you need to find ways to deliver skills to the organization faster.

JoAnne Estrada, global head, contingent workforce solutions, Randstad Sourceright Talent Innovation Center
Randstad Sourceright MSP case study

case study: medtech leader maximizes growth.

How did MSP help a leading medical technology company support growth across its U.S. operations? Find out how better workforce retention, talent insights and process streamlining through a customized solution is helping the business to achieve its goals.

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Is your company building its most strategic workforce, or are you falling behind? Find out if your organization has the foundation, infrastructure and values in place necessary to move your program Ahead.

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Randstad Sourceright SOW management solutions


Looking to capture even more savings from your MSP? Find out how rolling SOW management into your MSP Ahead program can significantly reduce costs associated with service procurement.

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Randstad Sourceright expanding your MSP

ready to expand your MSP solution?

Whether you're adding business lines, embarking on a global MSP journey or evolving your program into a total talent strategy, find out what steps you should take to drive innovation and set your program up for success.

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Randstad Sourceright strategic contingent workforce solutions

outperform the competition.

As the rise of independent talent accelerates, you face both opportunities and challenges when accessing and deploying this growing talent population. How can you stay ahead of these challenges?

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