how can you get more value with fewer resources?

By embracing MSP 3.0 — what we call MSP Ahead — you can usher in the next wave of innovation in managed services programs for staffing. This advanced approach takes your contingent workforce solution from being transactional to being talent- and value-focused. 

Using branding, technology, talent pooling and direct sourcing, we help you acquire and retain high-performing contingent professionals more quickly and efficiently. MSP Ahead creates the best experience for your internal customers and talent while optimizing the supply chain. Furthering the strategic value of managed services, our programs allow you to use fewer internal resources, all while delivering measurable and sustainable results.  

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what's your strategy?

Drive ongoing engagement with a customized talent community that’s filled with the best prequalified flex workers when you need them. Save costs and time by directly filling roles. Leverage the newest technologies and latest market data to assess and qualify the best candidates for your business. 

By providing innovative tools, insights and processes, your MSP solution will elevate your contingent workforce performance to new heights.

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insight & foresight to keep you on track

So how do you implement a strategy that ensures greater value? Backed by the world’s largest talent engine, we combine labor data from partner organizations and our proprietary database to deliver actionable insights around talent availability across key markets around the world. 

Synthesized by our TalentRadar analytics platform and analyzed by our talent advisors, this information gives you a more holistic view and helps you make smarter decisions about your contingent workforce. Your robust MSP tech stack may include a VMS system, video interviewing, recruitment chatbots, freelance management tools, talent pooling technology and other innovations. When integrated into your MSP program, we help you transform your contingent talent into a business-driven workforce.

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what is MSP Ahead?

implement a managed services program that’s optimized for our new ways of working.

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