career transition services

career transition services.

Being talent-centric and elevating your brand means considering the talent experience from attraction to offboarding and beyond. Supporting your employees through transition is a win-win for everyone.

In partnership with our sister company, RiseSmart, we bring innovative outplacement and redeployment solutions to companies and individuals experiencing change.

time for change

Companies with great cultures have been providing employees with outplacement for over 50 years. Traditional outplacement services that were modeled to support the workforces of the mid-20th century (largely centralized, on-site workers) have not kept pace with the changing dynamics of the workplace. Today’s workforce is largely distributed, remote and technology-savvy. Therefore, the outplacement methodologies, advice and tools of 50 years ago are no longer effective in today’s highly-connected, on-demand world.

career transition services leading the revolution.

leading the revolution.

To offer cutting-edge outplacement solutions for your impacted workforce, Randstad aquired the leading contemporary provider in the outplacement space, RiseSmart. Recognized by Gartner, Bersin by Deloitte, GreatRated! and others for innovation, excellence and unique advances in HR, RiseSmart is the fastest growing outplacement provider.

career transition services supporting transitions

supporting transitions.

With RiseSmart, we provide programs built for today’s workforce that support employees at all levels to succeed in their career transition objectives. Program participants receive three dedicated experts — a career coach, a professional branding, and a job concierge — to ensure they land their next job fast. Our landing rates exceed 80% and time-to-placement averages are 60% faster than the national average due to our expertise.

why does your organization need outplacement?

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outplacement morale and your brand

morale and your brand.

By implementing highly effective outplacement and redeployment programs, your organization has an opportunity to benefit displaced staff, improve morale, boost performance among current employees and ultimately protect your employer brand. Effective outplacement reduces the risk of termination lawsuits or public backlash and minimizes the cost of unemployment by helping your employees get back to work quickly.

career transition services

career transition.

Randstad’s career transition solutions from RiseSmart lead the market by providing a personalized, unparalleled expertise. We match each participant with the best support team to ensure everyone who goes through our program receives highly personalized service and succeeds in their transition.

take a results based approach to outplacement.

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21st century technology.

Our all-in-one career transition platform provides robust, nimble job search tools, including comprehensive search, semantic matching and intelligent ranking; unique personal branding tools; and a constant connection to career coaches, relevant job leads and contact discovery tools to get participants back to work faster. 

outplacement vision and transparency

vision and transparency.

We provide HR teams with a complete system of record for real-time outplacement performance tracking and analyses. Transmit your sensitive HR data securely, while managing and updating internal records, and receiving live updates and notifications.

outplacement our network

our network.

Randstad puts more than 600,000 people to work every day and we put our network to work immediately to connect your transitioning employees with tailored job opportunities. Discover how your company can benefit from contemporary career transition solutions from RiseSmart, a Randstad company.

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