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We design the right global talent acquisition solution for you and your organization – based on your goals, market, industry and our expertise.

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The talent acquisition strategies we build together with you ensure that your near- and long-term objectives are achieved. Our expertise and reach extends your possibilities to attract, recruit and retain top talent. And we continuously quantify the impact of your talent strategies to maximize future business growth and success. But most importantly, we're never standing still – always evolving our solutions and approach to match the dynamic world of work you live in every day.

recruitment process outsourcing.

Companies realize their current and future competitiveness is dependent on attracting, recruiting and retaining the right talent. Winning talent share requires focused talent strategies to deliver measurable and sustainable results. Randstad Sourceright’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs integrate a global perspective with nuanced local realization, fueled by the combination of fact-based insight and experience-based know how.

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managed services programs.

Today's fastest growing and most successful companies recognize the value of incorporating managed services programs (MSP) as an integral, permanent component of their overall talent development strategies. Make your variable talent strategic to balance the pursuit of long-term growth while continuing to fulfill your immediate needs. Integrating an MSP designed by Randstad Sourceright allows for strategic experimentation with minimal risk and an ongoing pipeline of talent for future hires.

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integrated talent solutions.

A total talent approach drives business agility, scalability and flexibility across your entire organization. Randstad Sourceright's integrated talent solutions ensure "what is best for the total business?" is the question answered, not "what is best for this single situation?" The end result is greater flexibility, optimal balance of talent across your total workforce, increased agility and greater competitiveness.

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  • talent analytics.

    Build insight and foresight into your talent acquisition strategies to make better business decisions and communicate tangible results.

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  • employer branding.

    Employer brand impact turns into longer-term measurable business impact through stronger employee engagement and increased productivity of your workforce.

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  • recruiting strategies.

    Our experience and focus on quantifiable impact are transforming how organizations plan and execute talent strategies around the globe.

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  • technology.

    Technology, when coupled with human intelligence, becomes an accelerator towards the realization of your talent strategies.

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