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The role of HR has evolved significantly over the past few years. Today’s HR leaders and managers are recognized business partners, contributing to overall strategy and responsible for delivering quantified results. While HR’s responsibilities have expanded and expectations have grown, the ability to translate data about your workforce into meaningful insight and impact is still at an early stage. One of the greatest challenges in the pursuit of analytical insight is the overwhelming amount of data and sources. With your existing data, the latest technology platforms, and our foresight into market trends, we can quantify the impact of current programs and concretely define what’s needed next. We will deliver hard numbers as input and outcomes to drive your strategy, demonstrating HR’s impact now and in the future.

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Randstad Sourceright’s team of data analysts and scientists have the ability to develop and accelerate your organization’s HR and talent management analytic capabilities. Our exclusive approach to predictive intelligence translates your raw data, market trends, and industry experience into insight about today’s situation and foresight about tomorrow’s possibilities. This knowledge enables the construction of talent strategies that proactively capitalize on near and long-term opportunities and address potential challenges prior to their impact being felt. And at the core of our analytics expertise is our market leading technology platform, TalentRadar. With this platform, we can apply the most flexible, relevant advances in technology to all aspects of the recruiting, acquisition and retention process. 


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“With a practical approach to analytics, organizations can develop the data-driven intelligence to find talent more quickly, predict recruiting performance, improve quality of talent, and connect talent acquisition to core business performance.”

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