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All businesses are experiencing a tremendous shift in the relationship between employers and employees driven by the different generations of workers and the need for greater flexibility. Randstad Sourceright reocognizes this shift and need for strategic sourcing which is why we're at the forefront of this evolution in the HR industry. We do more than identify and present exceptional talent. We inform and develop recruiting strategies utilizing a powerful blend of strategic sourcing expertise, analytics, technology, and innovation. Beyond meeting already-established objectives and metrics, Randstad Sourceright's recruiting specialists, talent advisors and diversity experts help clients define, refine and quantify their recruiting strategies to deliver on their near and long-term goals and better predict the future success of your talent.

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Randstad Sourceright’s recruitment strategies around the world are staffed by industry thought leaders, subject matter experts, and highly skilled and dedicated sourcing specialists. With a connected global network of recruiting centers, our sourcing specialists are highly skilled individuals trained to search and engage in today’s complex array of digital and social media channels and online resources for potential candidates others might miss. They utilize all their experience, all our technology, and our proprietary Total Talent Sourcing Methodology (TTSM) to engage candidates and hiring managers, customize recruiting strategies, map markets, and define job roles. 

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Today, prevailing industry best-practices employ sophisticated approaches to “attract” potential candidates and interact with them through a variety of venues. This includes strategic use of branding, advertising, talent communities and social media to reach the most talent possible. For the organization that has optimized its capability on the attraction side, the most compelling area of opportunity is the competitive advantage to be achieved by optimizing the “find” side of the sourcing strategy. This is because the majority of the talent pool (i.e. passive candidates) simply cannot be reached by posting jobs or through employer branding efforts. 

  • Active Talent: Optimized Candidate Attraction. Our sourcing process encompasses all facets of sourcing activity and venues to attract and engage top talent. Examples of venues and areas of focus for socializing jobs and distributing employment branding content include social networks, talent communities, job advertising distribution, social marketing and leads databases.
  • Passive Talent: Find and Engage – The RSR Total Talent Sourcing Methodology. To reach beyond the active talent supply and into the "deep end" of the total talent pool (estimated at 70% of the total talent universe), Randstad Sourceright leverages its Total Talent Sourcing Methodology (TTSM).  This proprietary process is designed to extend sourcing reach and intelligence beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches. Key elements in our TTSM approach include trained and certified TTSM sourcing experts, a focused human capital data mining and analysis process and intelligent engagement methodologies for converting passive talent into active, qualified candidates. Together, these elements comprise a process that enables proactive sourcing of active, casual and passive candidates to effectively leverage 100% of the talent universe.
  • Human Capital Data Analysts. At the heart of our TTSM sourcing process is the understanding that a competitive advantage in sourcing is not simply determined by access to tools and technologies, but instead, it is driven by how those tools and technologies are applied. With that in mind, our Talent Sourcing Specialists are a critical part of the TTSM process.
  • Intelligent Candidate Engagement. Because truly passive candidates are not actively taking any effort to explore opportunities beyond their current employment, they are highly unlikely to respond to most recruiter outreach efforts. Through our TTSM approach, our sourcers and recruiters apply key predictive variables to identify people who are highly likely to be qualified and interested in the opportunity for which they are being sourced. As a result, our sourcing experts identify and engage potential candidates with greater success through predictive insight into their career conditions, as well as their likely wants and needs with regard to the next step in their career. 

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"The accessibility of big data benefits employers and recruiters alike. With so much information now available, organizations can find the exact kind of skill sets and talent they need to grow their business. The winners will be the ones who can reign in big data to pinpoint the right talent faster than their competitors."

Jim Stroud, Global Head of Sourcing & Recruiting Strategy

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