military veteran recruiting

Are you committed or just interested in veteran hiring?

Military veterans bring a unique and valuable set of skills to the civilian workforce. They can provide a significant talent advantage to companies that understand how to create the right opportunities that benefit both the individual and the organization. 

Many veterans have experienced situations and challenges that civilians cannot even imagine. As they become part of the workforce, our ambition is to recognize the talents and expertise they have developed in ways that further their growth and respect the experiences they have lived through. 

Randstad Sourceright created the Veteran Talent Pipeline (VTP) for the express purpose of engaging today’s transitioning veteran workforce. We provide specialized expertise and dedicated resources designed to drive positive veteran hiring outcomes and retention. 

key areas of focus for Randstad Sourceright's veteran talent pipeline:

  • veteran attraction and hiring strategy
  • program management
  • recruiting and sourcing
  • partnership development 
  • client staff training
  • director oversight

dedicated expertise and resources 

  • Benchmarking: Development and implementation of proper hiring and retention benchmarks and goals for veterans
  • Outreach: Creation of outreach strategies through local, state, and federal partners, military installations, and non-profits
  • Candidate training: Support to drive extensive partnership with channels to reach and train veterans, and to connect with established veteran talent
  • Vendor recommendations and selection: Assessment, analytics, and hiring data to help choose the best vendors for your program
  • Technology: Supporting technologies to focus on attracting talent, enriching the candidate experience, and leveraging internal veteran assets
  • Retention: Strategies and practices designed to build communities that flourish within your organization, boost morale and retention, and drive employee referrals
  • Compliance oversight: Staff education and support regarding new regulatory landscapes
  • Employer of choice: Award submissions, white papers, articles, webinars, and branding collaborations to demonstrate your commitment to veteran hiring and the community 

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