diversity and inclusion

Fostering a diverse workforce to drive better business outcomes.

human intelligence fundamentally relies on diversity

A wide spectrum of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs opens up new thinking and new possibilities, extending your reach and impact in the market. 

To compete successfully for diverse talent, employers must develop a coordinated, top-down approach. Randstad Sourceright’s experience driving workforce diversity enables organizations to recruit and retain workers across age groups, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and multi-cultural backgrounds. This inclusive approach to talent strategy generates a wide range of benefits:

  • Attracting the widest pool of candidates
  • Better utilization of talent 
  • Increased market share and competitive edge
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation based on a broader perspective of the world
  • Increased quality of team problem solving 
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Recognition for diversity, resulting in elevated company reputation
  • Strong employer branding as an employer of choice 

we can help your organization better define its diversity program goals

To develop a comprehensive diversity statement and strategy that includes:

  • Statement of purpose that outlines why diversity matters to your organization
  • Linkage to corporate vision, values and business goalsStatement of the strategic business benefits of diversity
  • Statement of the strategic business benefits of diversityLinkage to your talent management and succession planning goals
  • Linkage to your talent management and succession planning goals
  • Employer branding services to promote your diversity profile and brand the organization as an employer of choice
  • Talent mapping to ensure your workforce strategy and recruitment plans reflect the communities you operate in and for
  • Specific talent attraction strategies aimed at sourcing and recruiting for diversity
  • Recruitment advertising communications using inclusive language
  • Diversity talent pool and community management
  • Diversity recruitment KPIs, analytics and reporting

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the importance of a focused diversity mindset

In a global economy characterized by increasing talent scarcity, diversity is no longer just a nice-to-have value; it’s a business priority. In this executive summary of Randstad Sourceright's series on workforce diversity, learn about the drivers behind employers' efforts to drive greater inclusion in talent management.

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driving diversity in the global workforce

"Corporate leaders have clear evidence that nurturing a diverse workforce is just good business and many companies are making greater efforts to be inclusive in the way they hire and promote. There are still some hurdles to overcome but employers globally are making strides in diverse practices - understanding the benefits and impact an inclusive workforce has on team performance, customer service, innovation and the bottom line."

Audra Jenkins, chief diversity and inclusion officer

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