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What does it take for technology to empower a smart talent strategy? The answer is much more than features and functions. It’s about using the right technology to bring processes to life with clarity and consistency. It’s about turning raw data into real intelligence that sees the road ahead and enables informed business decisions. Most importantly, it must bring tools to the table that simplify and accelerate talent engagement. And it’s about moving forward with continuous innovation, because if we don’t embrace new advances with you, your competitors will.  

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talent technology for your future

Technology and innovation are at the core of the development, execution and analysis of our recruiting strategies. Our integrated talent technology platform is built to address the entire talent acquisition life cycle – from finding and attracting potential talent, to active engagement and cultivation of relationships through to hiring – all while boosting process intelligence and predictability through advanced analytics. At the same time, these tools allow us to dedicate people — rather than technology — to create important touchpoints to engage and win over the talent you need.

attract and find talent.

Our technology platform includes our recruitment marketing solution for finding, attracting and cultivating candidates from the entire talent universe.

engage and cultivate relationships.

It connects talent outreach to active candidate management through a collaborative recruiting platform that applies ATS functionality with tremendous flexibility to integrate best of breed tools into the process.

accelerate the journey from candidate sourcing to hire.

We leverage the best tools available today for driving efficiency and quality throughout the process, including video interviewing, mobile applications, ATS and VMS integration and advanced screening and selection technologies.

measure, manage, improve.

We apply a powerful talent analytics function, supported by a combination of process and data science expertise, to transform workforce data into actionable intelligence that improves business results.

powerful solutions to drive a great recruiting partnership.

Our technology stack provides critical advantages that help us drive world-class recruitment and workforce management for our clients around the world.

flexible and connected.

You will be supported by the most powerful and flexible technology systems in talent acquisition and workforce management today, and our tools and solutions are positioned to interact with client systems as needed – putting new innovations to work for you, quickly and easily.

turning data into intelligence.

Producing talent data is not enough to drive success. That data must be captured from multiple sources, analyzed in the context of real needs and communicated to deliver real-time awareness of current trends, issues and opportunities. Our proprietary TalentRadar analytics platform is uniquely configured to do just that.

tools that make the experience better.

From AI-based screening and video interviewing to social and mobile recruiting, through to recruitment advertising and program reporting and analytics, we leverage the best solutions in the business to make your decisions clearer, and your results more visible and impactful.   

global technology expertise.

Our global team of technology experts have deep experience in talent acquisition systems and processes and HR systems. This gives us the ability to ensure that our technology platform is uniquely structured to support the specific needs of our clients. Most importantly, while we build a global view of the technology platform you need, we translate this into local execution when it comes to meeting the needs of local business environments, cultures and languages. 

today's talent knows no boundaries.

From employees to contractors, contingent workers and the agencies that supply them, your entire talent strategy is better with a strategic approach and the technology to back it up. That’s what our Human Forward approach delivers.

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