talent management in U.S.

talent management in the US

A tight talent market, an increasing skills gap, a growing gig economy. It all adds up to workplace challenges that require new solutions for sourcing, attracting, hiring, retaining and managing talent.

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people are your greatest asset

According to our Talent Trends research, 94% of employers in the U.S. say the goal of their talent strategy is to have a measurable impact on the business. And for good reason.

Talent is how your company innovates, grows, cares for customers and sells. People are how your organization realizes its purpose. They are your competitive advantage.

At the same time, the skills gap and talent scarcity are standing in your way. In fact, 62% of employers say this is a top concern for company executives. Unemployment is lower than it’s been in decades, with contingent talent playing an ever-greater role in the economy.

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Get your 2020 COVID-19 Impact Report to learn what these talent acquisition trends mean for your business.

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are you ready for total talent management?

If you’re going to beat talent scarcity now and in the future, you simply can’t manage your workforce in silos. When you take a holistic view of your workforce and the talent that’s available to get work done right now, you not only gain a competitive recruiting advantage, but a competitive business advantage.

That’s why 44% of companies that haven’t yet adopted a total talent approach plan to do so this year. Of those who have already embraced a holistic approach, 36% say it was in order to reduce time to fill on critical business roles.

With the right talent analytics infrastructure, change management strategy and a collaborative mindset in place, total talent management delivers measurable value to your business and helps you build for the future. Find out whether your company is ready to move forward now, or what steps will put you on the path toward total talent readiness.

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talent trailblazer tv

Whirlpool’s holistic workforce strategy.

What do integrated talent strategies look like in action? Tim Streeter, global head of Talent Acquisition for Whirlpool, provides insights on the importance of talent experience, diversity recruiting and total talent management in this episode of Talent Trailblazer TV.

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diversity & inclusion

how to manage diversity in the workplace.

Do your diversity and inclusion initiatives fall short of expectations? Do you have the multi-layered approach, necessary resources and accountability to help them succeed? Learn three steps for building cultural competence and optimizing workplace diversity and inclusion in this white paper.

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integrated talent strategies

the right talent at the right time.

If acquiring the right talent for your organization has become increasingly difficult, you’re not alone. Find out how a total talent acquisition model can help you determine which resources, regardless of worker classification, are right to get work done when it needs to be done.

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RPO in 2 minutes.

What are the most challenging parts of your job related to talent? Recruitment marketing and attracting top performers to your organization? Shortening the hiring cycle with the help of advanced recruiting tech?

Establishing meaningful talent analytics for better decision-making? Or perhaps meeting workforce diversity goals?

Whether you need to support growth, build your workforce to launch a new service, centralize your processes or improve the talent experience, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) gives you greater access to the talent you need faster.

RPO in the US

  • what does it mean to outsource recruitment?

    RPO can support part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring through a comprehensive set of external recruitment resources.

    Whether you’re seeking specialized recruitment expertise or need to transform your entire talent acquisition function, RPO can offer process excellence, scalability, cost savings, talent tech and predictive analytics.

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  • how does recruitment process outsourcing work?

    Your RPO solution will be customized with a specific scope and set of services that directly address your company’s goals, requirements, market and recruiting challenges.

    When you partner with Randstad Sourceright, you get access to a global network of experts who specialize in strategic sourcing and recruiting, employer branding and talent attraction, workplace diversity and inclusion, AI and smart recruiting technologies, as well as advanced talent analytics.

    Our team works directly with yours to set talent strategies that align with your business goals and will help you overcome barriers such as talent scarcity. Get your RPO guide to learn more.

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  • what is Candidate Connect?

    Candidate Connect offers flexible, on-demand RPO services that deliver dedicated support at the right speed for today's want-it-now marketplace. We take care of all of the crucial touchpoints — from requisition processing and candidate screening through interview scheduling and day one onboarding.

    You have the advantage of a dedicated client manager and director with experience in hiring, alignment training and development. The supporting RPO team can be fully scalable, based on your hiring volume and urgency to fill. We'll manage resources and processes with an eye toward continuous improvement and maximum satisfaction.

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  • can’t I just hire a contract recruiter?

    Our recruiter on demand solution allows you to hire a recruiter (or recruiters) on demand. In this quick-start option you can get the sourcing, screening, recruiting and onboarding help your company needs right away.

    You can scale up or down to meet demand, and our specialists work within your current processes and technology infrastructure to be the extra set of hands you need right when you need them.

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  • what does an RPO solution cost?

    Pricing for RPO can vary based on your model, the scope, hiring volume and project details. To better understand your potential ROI, we’ve built a business calculator. Just answer a few questions to start building your business case.

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  • RPO in action.

    A chemical manufacturer reduces average time to accept by 43% while boosting hiring manager satisfaction and exceeding diversity hiring goals with RPO.

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MSP in 2 minutes.

If contingent talent, contractors and freelancers aren’t already a part of your workforce, you need to rethink your talent strategy now. In fact, 60% of U.S. employers say the use of gig and freelance workers has the same, if not more, impact on their talent strategies this year. The alternative workforce is growing and can widen your talent pool in a scarce market instantly.

Watch to learn how a managed services program (MSP) can help you navigate the complexities of compliance, cost and talent quality to deliver better access to skills and drive business growth.

MSP in the US

  • what is MSP staffing?

    A managed services program (MSP) is a highly effective way for employers to manage their contingent workforces. Using a vendor management system (VMS), we give you complete visibility into your contingent talent and can help you stay compliant with labor regulations.

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  • how MSP programs work?

    Your managed service provider acts as an integral part of your company’s talent function and manages the entire contingent talent life cycle, from requisition through invoicing and payment.

    As your MSP, Randstad Sourceright delivers the talent, market and program data you need to make smart workforce decisions. We help you attract, engage and re-engage skilled contingent professionals, and build relationships with talent suppliers to get you the best rates and talent quality.

    Get your MSP guide to learn more.

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  • what are the costs of MSP?

    Discover your potential ROI with a managed services program. Spend a few minutes with our MSP calculator to begin building your business case.

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  • can mid-sized companies take advantage of MSP too?

    When it comes to total talent management, you need a high-tech, high-touch talent acquisition strategy to meet your company’s growth goals.

    Randstad Sourceright’s integrated MSP for mid-sized companies delivers proven fulfilment and supply chain practices, greater access to talent, advanced technology and real-time analytics.

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  • how do we get SOW services procurement under control?

    Implementing an SOW management solution is an opportunity for your team to deliver greater value to your entire organization. Your contingent workforce practice will bring visibility to this elusive spend category and deliver the kind of value your C-suite leaders expect and demand from you. We help you get transparency, increase savings, improve supplier performance and much more.

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  • how do payroll solutions work?

    As your need for workforce flexibility and agility grows, a customized Randstad Sourceright payroll solution can help you get ahead of any business demands.

    Our highly consultative approach delivers a customized program that addresses all aspects of your talent management needs, including onboarding, scheduling, training, offboarding, talent curation and direct sourcing.

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  • MSP in action.

    How can grading and managing your contingent talent suppliers deliver faster access to talent and highly satisfied hiring managers? Read this case study to see how an insurance leader did it.

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meet your diversity & inclusion goals.

We can help your organization better define its workplace diversity goals and develop a comprehensive strategy. That includes everything from creating a statement of purpose around diversity and inclusion, to enhancing your employer brand to promote your diversity profile, to helping you source and develop diverse talent pools and more.

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