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According to our Talent Trends research, 86% of employers in Germany say that talent acquisition is one of their business leaders’ top priorities, and for good reason.

Talent is how your company innovates, grows, cares for customers and sells. People are how your organization realizes its purpose. They are your competitive advantage.

At the same time, the skills gap and talent scarcity are standing in your way. In fact, 90% of employers say this is a major concern for them this year. Chances are you are among them and are looking for innovative solutions to deliver the talent your business needs.

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If you’re going to beat talent scarcity now and in the future, you simply can’t manage your workforce in silos. When you take a holistic view of your workforce and the talent that’s available to get work done right now, you not only gain a competitive recruiting advantage, but a competitive business advantage.

That’s why 75% of employers in Germany say they’re planning to adopt a total talent model this year.  Of those who have implemented it, 45% say an integrated talent approach has brought strategic planning into the HR function and that they are building for the future.

With the right talent analytics infrastructure, change management strategy and a collaborative mindset in place, total talent management delivers measurable value to your business and helps you build for the future. Find out whether your company is ready to move forward now, or what steps will put you on the path toward total talent readiness.

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