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According to our 2020 Talent Trends research, 36% of employers in Canada said they were investing in predictive analytics for talent this year. Does your organization's current talent technology strategy provide the insights you need to get ahead? Did your HR tech help you minimize business disruption during lockdowns, or were you struggling to keep up?

Organizations that are the most successful at normalizing disruption will be the ones that emerge as winners, despite the coronavirus crisis. Read more about how human capital leaders across the globe are using technology, data and other strategies to keep driving their business forward right now.

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In today’s uncertain times, you could be restricting your company’s agility by keeping your workforce in silos. When you take a holistic view of your workforce and the talent that’s available to get work done right now, you not only gain a competitive recruiting advantage, but a competitive business advantage. When permanent recruitment is integrated with contingent talent acquisition under a single function, companies realize the full potential of their workforce by building an integrated talent management strategy, also known as total talent management.

In our 2020 Talent Trends Report, 49% of human capital and C-suite leaders have already or plan to implement aspects of a total talent model for their workforce. Randstad Sourceright can help you realize the benefits of integrated talent management and provide a 360-degree view of all of your work arrangements: permanent, temp, contractor, statement of work (SOW), independent and freelancer.

With the right talent analytics infrastructure, change management strategies and a collaborative mindset in place, this total talent management approach delivers measurable value to your business and helps you build for the future. Find out whether your company is ready to move forward.


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