recruitment and talent management in Belgium.

recruitment and talent management in Belgium.

A tight talent market, growing competition and skills shortages all complicate your role as a human capital leader. How will you overcome these challenges to deliver the people your organisation needs?

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people are your greatest asset

According to our Talent Trends research, 76% of employers in Belgium say that talent acquisition is one of their business leaders’ top priorities. It’s no surprise why.

Talent is how your company innovates, grows, cares for customers and sells. People are how your organisation realises its purpose. They are your competitive advantage.

At the same time, the skills gap and talent scarcity are standing in your way. In fact, 71% of Belgian employers say this is a major concern for them this year.

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recruiter on demand.

Are you constantly under pressure to hire faster? Is a new business or a sudden hiring spike slowing your talent acquisition processes down? Our recruiter on demand (ROD) solution can help you meet hiring demands more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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solution at a glance

  • what is recruiter on demand?

    Our ROD solution provides immediate access to highly trained talent acquisition professionals who quickly source, screen and engage hard-to-find talent without the overhead of a traditional agency.

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  • how is it different than working with a contract recruiter?

    ROD is a scalable and flexible solution that gives you instant access to sourcing, recruitment, candidate management and onboarding resources without the high costs of third-party agencies. Some of the benefits are:

    • ability to scale and flex based on your needs
    • highly experienced specialists backed by deep experience

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  • how Bayer reduces third-party agency costs with ROD.

    Bayer in Benelux relied heavily on external agencies to attract and hire talent. The company’s talent leaders recognized the opportunity to create a more efficient hiring process and improve candidate experience in recruitment.

    Find out how Bayer has nearly eliminated agency costs by reducing agency hires from 22 to 1%, and cut the time between application and hire to half from 56 to 24 days.

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want to learn more about how a recruiter on demand solution can boost your talent acquisition team’s performance and productivity?

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build for the future of work with total talent management

If you’re going to beat talent scarcity now and in the future, you simply can’t manage your workforce in silos. When you take a holistic view of your workforce and the talent that’s available to get work done right now, you not only gain a competitive recruiting advantage, but a competitive business advantage.

That’s why 80% of employers in Belgium say they’re planning to adopt a total talent model this year.  Of those who have already started their total talent journeys, 75% say their integrated talent strategies have increased scalability to deliver greater agility, and 50% say it is helping them build for the future.

With the right talent analytics infrastructure, change management strategy and a collaborative mindset in place total talent management delivers measurable value to your business today and looking forward. Find out whether your company is ready to start your journey now, or what steps will put you on the path toward total talent readiness.

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should I insource or outsource recruitment?

pros and cons of RPO and MSP.

Talent scarcity, demand for digital skills, a focus on freelancers and independent talent, and an always-growing HR technology landscape are adding complexity to the way companies source and hire people. Should you use internal resources to deliver talent, or do you outsource to an expert in the field? Here are four questions you should be asking that will uncover your best option.

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SOW management

how to capture double-digit savings.

SOW services procurement can be complex to manage and administer, but implementing an SOW management solution can help you deliver greater value to your entire organisation.  In this one-hour, on-demand webinar, you will find out how to achieve full program transparency, improve compliance and realise cost savings.

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RPO in 2 minutes.

What are the most challenging parts of job related to talent? Recruitment marketing and attracting top performers to your organisation? Shortening the hiring cycle with the help of advanced recruiting tech?

Whether you need to support growth, build your workforce to launch a new service, centralise your processes or improve the candidate experience, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) gives you greater access to the people you need faster. Watch to learn more.

RPO in Belgium

  • what is RPO?

    RPO can support part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring through a comprehensive set of external recruitment resources. Whether you’re seeking specialised recruitment expertise or need to transform your entire talent acquisition function, RPO can offer process excellence, scalability, cost savings, talent tech and predictive analytics.

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  • how do RPO solutions work?

    Your RPO solution will be customised with a specific scope and set of services that directly address your company’s goals, requirements, market and recruiting challenges. When you partner with Randstad Sourceright, you get access to a global network of experts who specialise in strategic sourcing and recruiting, employer branding, candidate experience and talent attraction, workplace diversity and inclusion, AI and smart recruiting technologies, as well as advanced talent analytics.

    Our team works directly with yours to set talent acquisition strategies that align with your business goals and will help you overcome barriers such as the skills gap.

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  • what does RPO cost?

    RPO costs can vary based on your model, the scope, hiring volume and project details. To better understand your potential ROI, we’ve built a business calculator. Just answer a few questions to start building your business case.

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MSP in 2 minutes.

If contingent talent, contractors and freelancers aren’t already a part of your workforce, you need to rethink your talent strategy now. More than half (56%) of working professionals in Belgium indicate they are more open to non-traditional work arrangements than they were in the past.The alternative workforce is growing and can widen your talent pool in a scarce market instantly.

Watch to learn how a managed services program (MSP) can help you navigate the complexities of compliance, cost and talent quality to deliver better access to skills and drive business growth.

MSP in Belgium

  • what is a managed service provider for recruitment?

    A managed services program (MSP) is a highly effective way for employers to manage their contingent workforce. Using best practices, a vendor management system (VMS) and ongoing innovation, we give you complete visibility into your contingent talent to help you stay compliant with labour regulations, improve talent quality and reduce rogue spend.

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  • how do MSP programs work?

    Your managed service provider for recruitment acts as an integral part of your company’s talent function and manages the entire contingent workforce life cycle, from requisition through invoicing and payment. As a top managed services provider for staffing, Randstad Sourceright delivers the talent, market and program data you need to make smart workforce decisions. We help you attract, engage and re-engage skilled contingent professionals, and build relationships with talent suppliers to get you the best rates and talent quality.

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  • what are the costs of MSP?

    Discover your potential ROI with a contingent workforce management solution. Spend a few minutes with our MSP calculator to begin building your business case.

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  • how can we SOW service procurement under control?

    Implementing an SOW management solution is an opportunity for your team to deliver greater value to your entire organisation. Your contingent workforce practice will bring this elusive spend category to light and deliver the kind of value your C-suite leaders expect and demand from you. We help you create transparency, increase savings, improve supplier performance and much more.

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