it’s time to rethink your talent strategy.


Are you searching for fresh talent to drive growth? Do you want to clearly define your diversity and inclusion strategy? Are you using talent analytics and market data to make smarter decisions about your workforce? New business challenges call for new strategies; it’s time to rethink talent acquisition.

For example, a diversity and inclusion strategy can help your business expand its talent pools to reduce talent scarcity challenges. But, in our 2022 Talent Trends, just 54% of employers in Australia felt their hiring practices supported their diversity goals last year. How can you create the infrastructure and processes that will help ensure you always prioritise initiatives like these that will improve access to talent long term? 

Randstad Sourceright provides the strategies, market insights and recruitment technologies you need to find high-quality talent and drive your company’s growth.

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recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

find and engage the right talent faster

What are your biggest challenges related to talent? Meeting workforce diversity goals? Shortening the hiring cycle with the help of recruiting tech? Attracting top performers to your organisation? In our 2022 Talent Trends survey, 1 in 5 employers in Australia say talent scarcity has either made a negative impact or been one of their organisation’s biggest pain points.

RPO helps you source, screen, engage, hire and onboard the right talent while building business agility. An RPO recruitment strategy uses the latest analytics, innovative recruitment strategies, proven technologies, precise talent marketing and employer branding to meet your hiring goals.

what are the benefits of outsourcing recruitment and selection processes?

RPO can support part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring. Whether you’re seeking specialised recruitment expertise or need to transform your entire talent acquisition function, RPO offers process excellence, scalability, cost savings, talent tech and predictive analytics.

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how does RPO recruitment work?

Your RPO solution will be customised to directly address your company’s goals, requirements, market and recruiting challenges. Partner with Randstad Sourceright to access a global network of specialists in strategic sourcing and recruiting, workplace diversity and inclusion, and advanced talent analytics. Our team works directly with yours to set innovative recruitment strategies that align with your business goals and will help you overcome barriers such as talent scarcity.

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can’t I just hire a contract recruiter?

Our recruiter on demand solution allows you to hire a recruiter (or recruiters) instantly. This quick-start option gives you the sourcing, screening, recruiting and onboarding help your company needs right away. Our specialists work within your current processes and technology infrastructure to be the extra set of hands you need, when you need them.

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what does RPO cost?

Pricing for recruitment process outsourcing varies depending on the scope, hiring volume and project details. To better understand your potential ROI, we’ve built a business calculator. Just answer a few questions to start building your business case.

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case study

RPO Rapid delivers rapid deployment capabilities for the Australian government health ministry in response to COVID-19 health workforce demands and vaccine rollout.

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case study

Facing scarce talent supply, Australian financial services organization reduces time to hire by 70% with a workforce strategy that combines RPO and a managed services program.

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managed services programs (MSP).

maximise the benefits of a flexible workforce

Are you one of the 33% of Australian employers that, according to our 2022 Talent Trends research, plans to shift more of their roles to contingent, project or contract work this year? You may be hoping to achieve greater agility and access to skills, but without a centralised approach to contingent workforce management, how will you control the costs, compliance risks and speed of hire?

A managed services program (MSP) gives you full visibility over your contingent workforce, including contractors, freelancers, statement of work (SOW) talent and gig workers. Using talent analytics, supplier rationalisation, market intelligence and MSP 4.0 strategies, like direct sourcing, MSP can deliver faster access to skilled professionals while helping your organisation gain the business agility it needs to be competitive.

what is MSP staffing?

An MSP in staffing is a highly effective way for companies to manage their contingent workforces. Using a vendor management system (VMS) and proven best practices, you get complete visibility of your contingent talent, while driving compliance with labour regulations.

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how do managed services work?

Your managed service provider acts as an integral part of your company’s talent function and manages the entire contingent talent life cycle, from requisition through invoicing and payment.

As your MSP provider, Randstad Sourceright delivers the talent, market and program intelligence you need to make smart workforce decisions. We help you attract, engage and re-engage skilled contingent professionals, and build relationships with talent suppliers to get you the best rates and talent quality.

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what are the costs of MSP?

Discover your potential ROI with a managed services program. Spend a few minutes with our MSP calculator to begin building your business case.

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how do we get SOW services procurement under control?

Implementing a statement of work (SOW) management solution is an opportunity for your team to deliver greater value to your entire organisation. Your contingent workforce practice will bring visibility to this elusive spend category and deliver the kind of value your C-suite leaders expect and demand from you. We help you get transparency, increase savings, improve supplier performance and much more.

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case study

Infrastructure services provider adopts organization-wide MSP, reducing suppliers from 100+ to 17 and saving $7.5 million AUD.

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total talent acquisition.

become more agile, more innovative and better resourced

Our rapidly changing world demands a flexible workforce strategy that allows your company to respond to shifting market conditions with the right expertise and skills. In our 2022 Talent Trends survey, 52% of Australian businesses say their talent strategies are now more focused on workforce agility than ever before.  A total talent acquisition solution is powered by transparency, data, market insights and collaboration. It delivers the right talent for your business, when you need it.

These integrated talent strategies move recruitment out of silos and create a 360-degree view of your workforce. Using analytics and insights to drive workforce planning, you deploy the right talent to achieve company goals, ensuring the most efficient use of labour spend and significant cost savings.

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diversity & inclusion.

source and hire a workforce that mirrors your markets

Are you ready to better define your organisation’s workforce diversity goals and develop a comprehensive strategy? 

Randstad Sourceright will help you create a statement of purpose around diversity and inclusion, enhance your employer brand to promote your diversity profile, help you source and develop diverse talent pools and more. We use your talent analytics, and advanced market intelligence, to give you greater visibility and help you build a diverse workforce that mirrors your markets.

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