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We empower all of our employees and support our managers to drive a continuous focus on career development through everyday "Great Conversations"

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At Randstad Sourceright, we are transforming the way we manage performance through what we call "Great Conversations". We want to empower those that are actually accountable for the outcome of our success, our people!

great conversations in practice.

To make this happen, we have removed all of the barriers of traditional performance management systems – the lengthy documentation, the rigid annual performance review cycles, the required performance ratings. In their place, we have shifted our attention to what really matters, building strong employee-manager partnerships that are focused on business and personal results.

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setting goals.

Through "Great Conversations", our approach to goal setting is not just an annual HR process – it is an ongoing, dynamic conversation between an employee and his or her manager to set goals that are meaningful, aspirational and progress-based (MAP).

Employees and managers review and evaluate progress toward these goals throughout the year, adjusting goals to capture changes in business needs and individual development.

focussing on the future.

Each of us needs to improve our own skills. For employees to outperform, ongoing coaching to continuously improve and develop new skills is needed.

It’s up to managers to help employees to make progress in achieving their goals, help them remove the barriers that get in their way, and support development around continuous improvement and learning through on-the-job experiences.

ongoing conversations.

Managers are accountable for providing regular feedback and coaching to employees, and employees are encouraged to take a more active role in managing their own performance and development. 

While Randstad Sourceright provides guidance and structure for these coaching and feedback conversations, they are primarily driven by the employee and manager. The content and timing are tailored to each employee’s needs and goals.

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