creating thriving communities.

Randstad's contribution to society through sustainability and simultaneous promotion of all interests forms part of our core values on an international level.

building sustainable communities.

Randstad has a far-reaching partnership with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). Our partnership began in 2004 and is fully aligned with Randstad’s longstanding commitment to supporting sustainable communities. All our employees are able to volunteer through VSO in a variety of capacities – creating inspiring life and work experiences and truly using our skills to benefit other communities. In 2014, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Randstad and VSO working side by side to fight poverty around the globe. Together, we have achieved a lot and we will continue to work toward building a more inclusive and sustainable society.

power - leaving no girl behind.

Randstad is committed to empowering women to grow and flourish in their careers. An example of this is a program we have launched in India which currently has one of the lowest gender parity scores globally where only 28 women work for every 82 men. Despite the fact that women's literacy and education enrollment rates are on the rise, India has lower levels of women in the workforce than many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

It is amazing to have been included in this unique program to inspire women at Randstad to grow in their careers. They also benefit from bonding with like-minded, motivated women with whom they can share their stories and challenges and collaborate on steps forward together.

Rebecca Henderson, CEO, Randstad Sourceright

Recognizing the need to change, our team in India launched POWER in March 2017 on Women's International Day in Hyderabad, India. POWER stands for "Programs on Women Empowerment" and Randstad Sourceright's CEO Rebecca Henderson is the Executive Sponsor. The aim of the scheme is to educate women through forums, webinars and mentoring sessions to help them dream of a career, sensitize families and inspire the next generation of women.

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inspiring careers through Hire Hope.

Hire Hope is a program designed by Randstad to provide career-readiness training and job placement services to underserved and at-risk women. The population served includes survivors of exploitation or trafficking. Hire Hope is currently being piloted in Atlanta, Georgia and is executed in partnership with the Empowered Living Academy (ELA), a charity focused on helping women develop the skills necessary to live independently and increase career-related competencies.

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