what is the human intelligence advantage?

The reason you will succeed in today and tomorrow’s increasingly competitive market. Randstad Sourceright helps companies discover and develop their own distinct Human Intelligence Advantage.

successful companies today compete on talent

More than 50 of the world’s 90 naturally occurring elements are used to make our digital age a reality, and many of these are in short supply. Does this mean the mobile phone’s days are numbered? Should pinhole cameras and paper currencies count on a comeback? No. And why not? Because the companies that compete successfully in today’s economies are better than they’ve ever been at identifying challenges such as these. They’re disciplined, proactive, agile, creative. They anticipate. They adjust. They also invest energetically and persistently in the acquisition, development and retention of another elusive, naturally occurring resource: talent.

are you prepared for change?

By far, an organization’s greatest assets are the skills, experience, drive, courage, creativity, and common sense that its people bring with them to work every day. Even in the face of increased automation on the assembly line and in the office, this is not going to change. The only thing that’s changing is everything else. If you are a talent decision-maker, it’s up to you to make sure your company is prepared for change, whether that change presents as long-term strategic opportunity, or shorter-term operational need.


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people are the reason any strategy or organization succeeds

Individuals alone contribute, but real progress happens through the connectedness of people. Through connections, relationships build, collaboration leads to new perspectives, and possibilities are created. The connections can be long-term or situational, face-to-face or virtual. The context isn’t the element that will drive progress or determine success, it’s the people involved – the human side of work.

And intelligence is far more than a required characteristic in leaders or desired attribute amongst the workforce. It’s a fact-based means of identifying and shaping opportunities, minimizing risk, and gaining competitive advantage. Intelligence takes decision-making beyond personal opinions.

The combination of Human + Intelligence elevates the conversation and potential. It’s the capability to drive decisions about meeting short-term operational needs and advancing longer-term strategic plans. It’s the motivation to drive progress, to never stand still. This is what we call the Human Intelligence Advantage.  

Our agile response to human intelligence results in recognizably higher quality talent, the people that are needed to realize your organization’s strategy. This is not a fixed process or approach. This is the collaborative force of our competencies in action, working together with our clients to address their immediate needs and longer-term ambitions. Our subject matter experts and thought leaders around the globe continuously build and evolve our approach and solutions.  

Four practices are inherent to realizing the Human Intelligence Advantage, and we have and will continue to invest in these areas of expertise: Recruiting Strategies, Employer Branding, Talent Analytics and Technology. 

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