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MSP defined
Managed Services Program (MSP) solutions are outsourced services where one, central vendor manages an organization's processes for engaging contingent labour and other free agents. This includes optimizing the staffing supply chain, streamlining hiring processes, and integrating a vendor management system (VMS) to create efficiencies and program visibility. 

manage the best contingent talent supply chain

As organizations around the world look to build a more agile, cost-effective, and robust workforce, the need for effective management of free agents, including contractors and contingent workforce suppliers, has never been greater. How do you exercise better control without expending significant internal resources to build competencies that help you remain streamlined, cost effective, and compliant?   

Randstad Sourceright provides the answer through our world-class Managed Services Program (MSP) solutions. As a leading global MSP provider with successful relationships across the Vendor Management System (VMS) landscape and more than 4,500 suppliers, we deliver efficient and well-managed programs based on client needs, including vendor-neutral, hybrid, and master supplier MSP models.

our approach

Each engagement is based on a comprehensive analysis of a client's business and culture, adopting a close collaborative approach to addressing their needs and delivering highly efficient and transparent processes that give the employers full visibility of their contingent spend and performance. With the third largest global spend under management ($6.57 billion), Randstad Sourceright has the most number of MSP clients in North America and Western Europe, according to Staffing Industry Analysts – proof of our experience and expertise.   

Our sizeable portfolio (more than 700 clients worldwide) demonstrates the breadth of our services and experience with organizations of all sizes and in many different industries. More than half of our clients have engaged our services for more than six years, further affirming our excellence as a trusted partner. Keys to success include:

  • Solution Design. In close co-operation with client stakeholders, Randstad Sourceright develops a right-sized solution taking care to address a client’s specific pain point using the most appropriate delivery methods and technologies for the skills managed, thereby reducing contingent labour risk and improving compliance. 
  • Implementation. Having implemented more than 700 programs, Randstad Sourceright minimizes business disruption through our pragmatic project management approach, applying structured change management and establishing clear lines of communication and escalation. More importantly, our approach to implementation ensures that we align with our client's business culture, and promote partnership and buy-in from the hiring community.
  • Supplier Management. Engaging the right suppliers to deliver the best services and contingent skills for your organization is crucial. We know how to select, engage and motivate best-in-class suppliers, and manage their activities to contribute to your program goals. By working with thousands of suppliers around the world, Randstad Sourceright boasts unparalled experience in supply chain management, compliance and risk management.  
  • Reporting & Analytics. Using a variety of tools and resources, we unearth and analyze the most useful data to help our clients the intelligence they need to manage their operations. We take a proactive approach by using reporting tools to identify potential problems or opportunities long before they need to be escalated.
  • Continuous Improvement. We understand that last year’s results are quickly forgotten and that stakeholders expect you to deliver value year after year. That is why we always develop a tailor-made roadmap with our clients to plan for future improvements and innovations far in advance.
  • Technology. We partner with leading technology providers to ensure you have the right Vendor Management System (VMS). We have integrated the most complex to simple technology platforms to streamline hiring processes, provide transparent program reporting, and visibility into all suppliers, performance and operations.  
  • Global Governance & Local Execution. We provide a centralized strategy for architecture, compliance, and data management delivered with local expertise to hiring managers, suppliers and contingent workers. This balances global control with regional and local requirements. 

the business impact you can expect 

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case study: Société Générale

case study: Société Générale

"People are fundamental to our business success so it was crucial to partner with an organisation that was able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of our business and be culturally aligned."

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Debbie Griffin -
Managing Director HR, Société Générale
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what our clients say

“Our business is all about finding and harnessing the best possible talent and that applies as much to our contractor base as it does to our permanent workforce. We worked with Randstad Sourceright from the beginning to develop a simpler and more cost-effective process, at the
same time ensuring we have the best talent deployed in the best possible way.”

-- Louise Parsons, Telefònica European Resourcing Relationship Manager.

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