Companies can outsource their personnel management and related roles to Randstad Sourceright. This includes Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), in which an organisation or employer partly or completely entrusts the recruitment and selection of permanent staff to an external service provider. The RPO service provider either uses its own resources (staff, intake channels, technology, methodology, reporting, etc.) or takes over the running of the resources of the organisation concerned. Typically, the HR service provider becomes the ‘owner’ of the recruitment and selection process and takes responsibility for the outcome. 

Managed Services Programs (MSP) relate to the management of a large pool of flexible talent. How can you optimise a personnel policy based on large groups of flexible workers hired in from a large number of suppliers? Randstad’s specialist service, Managed Services Programs, provides the link between the customer and its supplier network. 

our main solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Randstad Sourceright is a leader in RPO, with a record of success helping companies address their most complex and challenging talent needs. 

Managed Services Programs (MSP) 
Solutions From ensuring compliance and enhancing visibility, to reducing spend and improving program performance, we help you get the greatest value from your contingent workforce supply chain and independent contractor talent.